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Comment Some people are only suited (Score 1) 540

to dull, dangerous, and dirty work. But not a bunch, which is why their chronic unemployment is easy to look past. Soon, though, automation will take a bite out of work for those who are only capable of simple tasks under supervision. That's quite a few more people. And eventually complicated, smarts demanding task will be automated too. That some jobs for the top 10% of the employment pool were created wont solve the mess.

Comment Not Exactly (Score 1) 123

There is a specific, dedicated, social security tax. That tax money goes into a pooled account which is later used to pay out when people qualify.

Except it doesn't really go into any traditional sort of "account". That pooled account doesn't represent actual money. It represents an *obligation*. That "specific, dedicated, social security tax" is, instead, used to fund a whole host of other things the federal government wants. And in turn they've promised to repay as needed. Which means additional taxes on top of that "dedicated" tax.

Basic accounting. Hardly. Imagine if a bank were allowed to loan itself money and then call it an investment - and count it as an asset toward their balance.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 3, Informative) 696

if your a cyclist can you can't make road speed, then you're impeding traffic and are breaking a law anyway

No. You're ignorant of the law. Cyclist aren't required to make road speed. And your ignorance demonstrates something I've long suspected. Motorist who complain about cyclists breaking the law are in some fashion complaining about laws they imagine to exist.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

Not at all, I'm saying if I can give you a meter of room I will, except normally there is no way to do that, so I don't have a choice.

I'm teaching by oldest daughter how to ride her bike in traffic. I think her most important lesson is to learn just how entitled drivers can be. And this comment captures it nicely. You've gone on and on about how cyclists don't follow traffic law, and in the same breath talk about how you wont if it's inconvenient. If you can't give the proper distance, then you can't legally pass. End of story. It doesn't matter if you like the law. Or you're late for work. Or whatever. It's the law.

Comment They are different. (Score 1) 696

At least in my state. Stop signs are effectively yield or stop. Stop lights are stop then yield. There are requirements for position within a lane depending on intent. Cyclist are allowed to ride two deep. There are no requirements for passing distance as there are for autos. I could list more if I just sat here and thought. But you get the idea.

Comment Re:The real message is lost on you (Score 1) 468

IN THE REAL world the guy busting into a room has the gun at the ready

Maybe. Or maybe not. I've used a gun in self defence. A man was trying to break into my home. I called the police, then confronted him and told him to leave. When he didn't, I brandished my gun. And then he left. I doubt that's all that unusual. Likely more so than the type of home invasion you describe.

ASK ANY experienced police officer and they will tell you that over 60 percent of guns that wind up on the street are stolen from property crimes

And how would your average police know that? They hardly know the laws they're tasked to enforce. The US ATF has, surprisingly, looked into this. They believe stolen guns account for 1 in 10 guns used in crimes. The largest source is straw purchases. Then corrupt federally licensed gun dealers.

Comment Not news. (Score 1) 65

As another commenter has pointed out, this is not news. It is well known that viruses can cause Uveitis. Several are well known for it. Others not. In the absence of a rheumatological disease, unresolved Uveitis is presumed to be viral. A couple of years ago I had what I thought was the flu. It started to go away, I was on the mend, then it destroyed me. Several days in bed, 107 fever, rigors, probable encephalitis. 6 weeks later I developed Uveitis. My doctor has yet to identify a virus. Twice I've had PCR of the fluid in my eye looking for the usual suspects. No luck. So now I'm on a 6 month course of antivirals in the hope of killing whatever it is.

Comment Typical of most course curves. (Score 1) 425

Most of the classes I've taught - math, chemistry, physics - have a bimodal distribution. It's a reflection of the two kinds of students. Those that are committed to school and those that have other things going on and are on their way out the door. The distribution for the top end is more or less normal.

Comment Not a genetics paper. (Score 1) 301

The paper they submitted was not in their field of education. It was a social science study on gender and the culture of science. The authors haven't made the manuscript available, so this is all speculation - but, the bits of the review they chose to share might actually make sense in the context of the manuscript. And they may very well have overreached themselves in a fit of hubris, believing that a couple of biologists should be able to do social science without any formal training. Earning the harsh rejection.

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