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Comment Countryside pollution! (Score -1) 203

Most of that land could be described as "brownfield land" the land has a past history of people living on it. Depending on how far away you are from a town the first thing you do is create your cesspool, if you are reasonably close to a town you bury a container usually a second-hand back of a truck to act as a cesspool. If you're not near a town you dig out a large cesspool in the ground where the body fluids will stay.

Depending on your income and how close you are to a town, you will have to pay somebody to remove your rubbish, or you bury it.
If you are reasonably close to a town you will have to buy your water supply. You will have to pay to have electrical wiring and piping laid.
If you are reasonably close to a roadside you will have to pay the telephone company to run telephone cables onto your land.

Because of the waste products you create you will have vermin and thus you will need dogs to kill the rats to keep the numbers down.
Depending on your rainfall you will probably need to shovel up dog shit if you have a lot of rain it will be washed into the ground and not require shovelling up.

And if you like to eat other animals you will need livestock and you will need food for the livestock.

I lived this life as a kid, and it is lots and lots of muddy fields and shit. And underneath those fields is all your waste products pollution.

In the towns cities it is out of sight out of mind and in the "countryside" or outback you are just constantly trying to discover new ways of getting rid of your pollution waste products.

Comment Acorn computers (Score -1) 153

Acorn computers that was a long time ago. Modern day graphic cards smart phones and you even get them in modern washing machines. They are on the modern electric meters which they read from outside your property without needing to come in to your property.

I think they began licensing them in the 90s late 90s to keep the company afloat. Those who kept the company going all the way until it become profitable again must be upset. The processor now days is almost in everything that requires processing.

Comment Shared gang bangs (Score -1) 146

It's a non-story it will never happen. How do they verify the person's age? How do they make other countries verify the person's age?
when the government was asked how would this be done they didn't know they don't understand the Internet. MP replied could it be done?

"Children use smart phones" and most porn pictures are shared gang bangs.
These type of things always happen when politicians have nothing to do but want to justify their existence.

Verify the person's age.
Tumblr is so easy to use that it’s hard to explain.
We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is 304 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever.

Comment Deutsche bank the most indebted bank in the world (Score -1) 621

Deutsche bank the most indebted bank in the world. Should be interesting when the oldest bank in the world the Italian bank that has "toxic assets" goes down there really will be trouble. Maybe Deutschland can print some money for them also.

Deutsche Bank shares hit a new record low today. So is it now the most dangerous bank in the world? According to the International Monetary Fund - yes.

Last week, the IMF said that, of the banks big enough to bring the financial system crashing down, Deutsche Bank was the riskiest. Not only that, Deutsche Bank's US unit was one of only two of 33 big banks to fail tests of financial strength set by the US central bank earlier this year.

It's not hard to get scared when you look at a few numbers. Bear with me.

In simple terms any bank is worth the difference between what it's owed and what it owes. In the case of Deutsche Bank that means the difference between assets of 1.64 trillion euros (yes, trillion) and liabilities of 1.58 trillion euros. Its net value is 60 billion euros.

They are desperately hoping they can create some miracle and get Britain to come back under their control. In France the catchphrase now is Britain are best friend and best ally. And this is only the beginning

Comment Newspeak (Score -1) 167

Story is nonsense. You serve 5 years in prison for murder in the U.K. and every year they just release people from prison because of overcrowding. For violent drug gangs they release them with electronic tags leg tags. In the U.K. 19 to 20 odd-year-olds cannot claim unemployment benefit because of cutbacks. London has not got enough police to police the capital. Wandsworth and Pentonville prison are chock-a-block with Eastern Europeans more than half of them waiting for deportation for serious offences.

Most piracy in the U.K. is not from the Internet but from street traders. There are thousands of illegal immigrants in London alone who feed themselves through prostitution and street trading with pirate DVDs. You can find rows and rows of Pakistanis trading in pirate DVDs feature films and computer software all along Whitechapel high Street.

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 sets out guidelines for how long murderers should spend in prison. For example anybody under the age of 18 cannot do natural life in prison
because of the European Human Rights laws which still apply in the U.K. no laws have been changed.

Being arrested for a crime by the police doesn't mean you will be charged with the crime. It doesn't mean you will appear in court the police have to apply for permission to charge a person with a crime. It's not easy to go to prison in the U.K. because there are too many people in prison and not enough prisons.

A lot of what you hear about in the U.K. as far as the law is concerned is mostly propaganda fear they much prefer fear in the U.K. to keep people under their control.

For example most people in the U.K. believe there is such a thing as "hate crime" and "hate incidents" in the U.K. it's Newspeak read it carefully (hate crime ).
It is not a criminal offence it say ( hate crime ) in their opinion it's a crime but not a criminal offence.

Nobody is going to get 10 years in the U.K. for piracy absolutely nobody. Not even for selling cocaine and killing your neighbour.

Hope I haven't spoiled anything I'm feeling mellow today a bit on the serious side.

Comment Data outflow flickering light flickering. (Score 0) 68

The data flow light on their router would be constantly flicking meaning dater is leaving their computer and coming in. How could this not be noticed and stopped easily.

Let's take the simplest of home computer users accessing the Internet, and let's suppose that their data flow light flickers all the time regardless
like some cable Internet users lights do ( those having their data flow monitored ).

Surely people put a second Router in line that only flickers when dater is leaving and coming into their computer.
Data cannot leave your computer without you noticing your data outflow flickering light flickering.

I don't believe this story I know lots of people are very stupid on computers but you only have to glance at your data flow light.

Comment Re:Is that really surprising? (Score 0) 62

Technically do you ever really "die"? There's so much bacteria and other things running around in the body, it's more like you get recycled.

Nothing goes to waste, but it's just not "you" any more. Stick a body in a sterile atmosphere and come back to teeming life using whatever resources it can for as long as it can, even if that's moulds or bacteria or mites or whatever. Isn't there something like thousands of mites per square foot of the body skin alone?

You most certainly die..

The brain is you it controls the body when the brain dies the body dies. The brain dies first.

The brain functions on chemicals we are chemicals. Chemicals can change your personality can change you as a person.
Steroids can make you aggressive even if you are a pleasant person you can change into an aggressive person.

Chemicals can make you desperate for sex so much so that you would even consider having sex with somebody of the same sex even though you are not into people of the same sex.

Antidepressants in people who are not suffering from depression can turn a person who is not depressed suicidal.

The brain is you. Senile dementia, is classed as a terminal illness because the brain does not just forget relatives or how to walk it forgets how to control its organs like breathing or the heart beating.

That is all Slashdot, worried about being or becoming an in Slashdot you know what.

Comment You are welcome Slashdot. (Score 0) 62

If they are registered Organ donor the body is kept on a life-support machine to keep the body functioning even though the person has died. The Organ is removed as quickly as possible. As soon as the life-support machine is turned off the body is taken away before it begins to leak. The local town hall, is informed of the person's name and date of birth and the day and time they died. Relatives never recognise their family member they always say he is she looks totally different. To stop any surprises we quickly wipe down the face with a chemical wipe and try to tidy the hair if the relatives insist on seeing them. The muscles in the face become loose and if left for too long the muscles in the face begin to tighten up making the eyelids rise slightly so you can just about see the eyes and the teeth begin to show. Obviously nobody should see a relative when the muscles begin to tighten because they should be in a mortuary. When the muscles tighten around the mouth it gives an appearance that the person is being aggressive or about to say something bad. And that frightens people. The undertakers will make everything look pleasant. There are many genes in the body functioning after a person has died they are closing down dying. The bacteria in the stomach and the anus are still functioning.

Comment UBS NHS NTL Canary Wharf (Score 0) 535

It's news looking for news. In Germany, you get some shabby government quango working on computers with Windows XP on them. In London you get virginmedia which is blueyonder, which are all really just NTL. Then you get talk talk the phone company the landline company and the Internet provider. And because the business is a virtual business its staff are in India. You have Canary Wharf, who have small start-up companies that never seem to do any work. Then you have the companies in Canary Wharf, providing backup for companies like fast net. And the area I specialise in ( End Of Life ) your doctors your specialists are English and Irish. If you're in London your nurses are Filipinos, Jamaican African and for some reason Brazilian and Indians. most Pakistanis and Bengalis, will not deal with body fluids for religious reasons they say. So they cannot work as nurses or ISS agency workers. The porters and cleaners will be ISS and compass agency workers they will be Europeans and again Brazilian. The idea of ISS and compass was to destroy the union's agency workers have no union rights. And compass and ISS Eastern European workers work below the minimum wage. Eastern Europeans have been marvellous for slave labour ISS as become the biggest agency in Europe they even provide cleaners for the city of London and for UBS, below the minimum wage. The Eastern Europeans are entitled to claim in-work benefits because their wages are so low. They have literally and I mean literally devastated the non-skilled workers in the U.K.. Non-skilled workers in the U.K. cannot claim benefit they are treated like criminals and put on "work project" which is not work it is a place that have to go to every day to be told what interviews they have to go to ( It is compulsory ). Young unskilled workers cannot be employed because they are competing with people getting paid below the minimum wage Eastern Europeans. in my field of work End Of Life I hear these family stories every day.

Comment Re:This is not the USSR.. (Score 0) 634

Calling the people of Britain racist for voting out is ridiculous Europeans are the same race.

Tell this to the British that hate the Polish.

Tell the Polish as a nation they would not exist if it was not for the British. They would be in the German SS gas chambers. And those who don't like the Polish, are the ones suffering the Eastern European alcoholics you know those ones lying on the street those ones taking their jobs working for ISS and the compass agencies below the minimum wage. Those ones I can well understand they want their jobs back. The Polish have literally devastated the unskilled workforce in the U.K.. And you think they should like you.

Comment Re:This is not the USSR.. (Score 0) 634

Scotland, as got a smaller population than most Pakistani families. And she declaring that she is going to have another referendum doesn't mean anything because that is equivalent to you saying you are going to have another referendum it doesn't mean anything. And everybody has conveniently forgotten that the European Union, when Scotland had a referendum said Scotland couldn't join the EU without negotiations and agreements from all the other nations. She is just a politician trying to make political gains for herself. What she says doesn't matter.

Comment This is not the USSR.. (Score 0) 634

It was not a narrow vote. 51.9% 17,410,742 Votes it also was not a local boundary Borough vote.. it was a nation vote and every vote counts and the highest numbers win. If the extreme left wing cannot accept that then go and live in France or Germany. Calling the people of Britain racist for voting out is ridiculous Europeans are the same race. Bob Geldof is a dirty old tramp who is not a British citizen. And if Donald Trump, wins in the U.S., which is a regional voting as in a general election then he will be the president. The left-wing commies do not like democracy unless it is in total agreement with them. This is not the USSR AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT FUCK OFF.

Comment Re:All of these are applicable (Score 0) 32

hack verb [I or T] to get into someone else's computer system without permission in order to find out information or do something illegal: Computer hacking has become widespread over the last decade. A programmer had managed to hack into some top-secret government data. He claimed they had spied on him and tried to hack his computer. [I or T] to use someone else's phone system without permission, especially to listen to their spoken messages: Police told the actor that his phone had been hacked. English Cambridge Dictionaries.

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