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Comment Re:Open software (Score 1) 485

I'm a Graphic designer.

And do you use GIMP for your job? Some other FOSS package?

Probably not or at least any FOSS you have is for some minor utility that you'd didn't want to buy.

PC ecosystem is changing. It's no longer our primary device.

Every just saw 'PC dead' and went all off completely missing the point.

No one understands subtle arguments anymore.

Tools You Need to Grow as an Artist

"App Images For Linux, we offer AppImages These should run on any newer Linux distribution. For Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6.x you need the appimage that is built without support for OpenMP. Be sure to make the appimage executable before launch. 64-bit Appimage"

Windows GNU/Linux Mac OSX Source Code.

Comment Re:chrome clone.. (Score 0) 78

presto forever

About Opera Version information
Version 12.16
Build 1860
Platform Linux
System x86_64, 3.13.0-37-generic
Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.16
  David Einstein
  Davide Prina
  Giuseppe Modugno
  Gianluca Turconi
  Simon Brouwer
  Noll János
  Bíró Árpád
  Goldman Eleonóra
  Sarlós Tamás
  Bencsáth Boldizsár
  Halácsy Péter
  Dvornik László
  Gefferth András
  Nagy Viktor
  Varga Dániel
  Chris Halls
  Rene Engelhard
  Bram Moolenaar
  Dafydd Jones
  Harri Pitkänen
Opera Software is grateful to the groups and individuals above for their contributions.
In memory of Geir Ivarsøy. Copyright © 1995-2013 Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved.

Comment Re:By actually following through (Score 0) 128

I've been reporting security issues in local businesses that I deal with. One is an ISP that stores and emails users passwords in plain text. Another is a bank exposing credit card numbers in plain text. When I report this shit, I expect actual follow through in fixing them. In the former case, the ISP literally gave me a "not our problem" response, while the bank said they'd contact me back and never did (still need to check to see if this issue has at least been resolved though).

Personalised e-mail addresses in Amsterdam, the U.K., Germany and the Republic of Ireland and the U.S. that send their users their password by e-mail in plain text. They send them a link to their control panel http instead of https and there master password by e-mail in plain text.

Typical example from the U.K. would be for customers when it should be:

And their control panel root for customers:
should be:

Which are usually sold to a individual who registers as a company and then sells them on to the public and he or she usually purchases them from:

The end customer will receive an easy to remember password and the end customer usually never changes those extremely easy to guess passwords.

Comment Alistair Sim, the actor who played Scrooge (Score 0) 445

People who could not afford a funeral in the U.K. used to donate their bodies to the hospitals. The hospitals would use the bodies for teaching purposes. They would remove the eyeballs remove the internal organs they would practice on the body. They would return the body to the family two years later sometimes even longer. You can imagine how the family would react if they looked at the face of their father mother son, daughter after it had been cut up.

I believe they stopped doing this in the 90s they do not return the bodies any more. Alistair Sim, the actor who played Scrooge and so on donated his body to medical science (teaching students) they say he is in pickle jars all over the London Hospital.

Comment Re:New Netflix/BBC adaptation coming out in 2017 (Score 0) 46

Watership Down

The Plague Dogs

The Plague Dogs. This film was a bit of a shock to everybody vivisection. People used to have working dogs for rabbiting and for killing rats and so on.
The dogs were Lurchers, Whippets, and mongrels most dogs were called mongrels then Staffordshire's pitbull, large bulldogs they were all mixed and just called mongrels not like now. None of them were "American dogs like American bulldogs American pitbull's American Rottweilers and so on it was before that nonsense.

The animals would eat the same food as the owners. Because money was very scarce people used to answer newspaper adverts that advertised for puppies they would give you money for your dogs. They would send around the delivery man to collect your dogs or sometimes even a taxi to collect your dogs. Out of sight out of mind people did not know what was happening to their animals. After this animated cartoon everybody just pretended they had never heard of vivisection. My dad gave a basket full of puppies to vivisection and he told us they were going to new homes. After this film we never ever spoke of it. The only person who ever did speak of it was my mother when ever she had an argument with my father.

Comment True story (Score 0) 456

I spent the day talking to a man who kept on falling over. The reason he kept on falling over is he was too fat and was not taking a big enough step because he could not support his weight so he would take little steps which meant he was not supporting his stomach, and thus he was falling over.

His speaking voice was like somebody who had his own fist in his mouth. He said he used to be a well-known East End Jewish, gangster. When sitting down he would lean to the side so he could squeeze out a fart that sounded like a drowning trumpet player.

He had stretchmarks on his triple chins, he had a gruesome looking stomach scar that sunk into the cavity of the fat. The scar was from two previous gastric band surgery operations that he had managed to break by forcing the food that come up back down. Not suitable for band surgery.

He kept on telling us = us pronoun (group) not the country U.S. ) how he enjoyed running over a bunch of Palestinian children at full speed in a jeep. His wife said he had never been there because he is too fat to fit in the seat of a aircraft.

His wife was saying he is looking to purchase a new motor vehicle but the "car dealers" would not allow him to sit in the seat of the car or to test drive it because he would damage their vehicles suspension.

He was covered in gangster jewellery Bling Bling and he is 64 years old and has never worked ever and had been claiming disability allowance because he was so fat from the year dot.

He was a repulsive sarcastic pathetic evil bastard with a spiteful tongue. A senior citizen suggested that he was a "typical Jewish man" and we should get the Irishman, to deal with him because Irishman are good at dealing with "Jewish people". ??? ( is that anti-Semitism? ).

The Irishman examined him and said "the reason you are falling over is because you are too fat and if you do not want to fall over go on a diet or else do not walk".
The Jewish man said he had been to Ireland and they were all retarded terrorists and then giggled meaning he was joking?
The Irishman asked him whether he travelled by cargo ship and did they use a crane.

The Jewish man become very friendly and polite. What is it with Jewish people and Irish people?

Anyway to cut a long story short those who do die should not. Those who do not die should.

Comment Re:Traitors. (Score 0) 442

You (apparently) started off making some legitimate points. I'm an independence-inclined Scot and Remainer with zero need or inclination to apologise for Little Englanders who want to go back to the 1950s and still act (and think) with delusions of grandeur like the British Empire hasn't been over for well over half a century.

This doesn't change the fact that by the second paragraph, it's obvious that you don't have a clue what you're talking about. I'm guessing you formed your half-baked idea of the United Kingdom from reading a few isolated scraps and filled in the rest with guesswork and misleading stereotypes.

The "1MBit" Internet speed thing has already been debunked, but your assertion that Cornwall "maybe" ranks along London as the most prosperous part of the United Kingdom shows how much you're pulling out of your arse.

Yes, London's service-based economy *is* undeniably prosperous for those working in it- at the expense of unbalancing that of the UK as a whole. (The flip side being that ludicrously expensive- and rapidly increasing- housing prices and high cost of living are making London virtually unliveable for anyone who *isn't* in the type of jobs that pay such inflated salaries).

Cornwall, though? You don't have a fucking clue. Cornwall is actually one of the poorest parts of the UK.

Not that I have much sympathy for them since they voted to cut their own throats. But Cornwall prosperous? Get a ******* clue.

I lived in Cornwall. Too expensive for locals to live there properties are worth a fortune David Cameron's favourite haunt and lots of retired actors. Edward Woodward was living on the coast there before his death his actresss wife still lives there. Nice weather in Cornwall you get very few council properties in Cornwall they are all privately owned properties.. So quiet and laid-back love it! I just cannot afford the prices.

Poland nobody wants to live in Poland not even the Polish. Hungary Hungarians college professors get paid less than a U.K. roadsweeper I spent almost a year there. I wished Cornwall was poor just so I could afford the prices and I am not poor. I did manage to live in Devon, Newton Abbot a stone throw away from Cornwall for 4 years.

Comment Blah blah blah zZzZzZz. (Score 0) 442

That would be wishful thinking for Ireland, the economy is totally dependent on the U.K.. And the city of London trading banking centre are a cartel of criminals protected by the English government and if the city of London trading centre was not in the U.K. it would do the nation a lot of good.. they have always been a nation of shopkeepers and traders throughout their empire years. Industry in the U.K. was destroyed in the early 70s.

Ireland is indebted to the U.K. to the sum of 104.5 billion the Irish Republic's population is 4,719,688. If the U.K. or even just England, introduced import duties it would destroy the economy of the Irish Republic they will be asking for work permits to the U.K. to become road diggers to send money to Ireland like the 1970s.

Then you have Spain who desperately needs the U.K.

You are all doomed you are all doomed if you do not do what the losing side wants. Donald Trump is the Antichrist. The Front national, is going to end the world. The Geert Wilders's Party for Freedom (PVV) are ungrateful bastards who are going to destroy the European Union. Blah blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah.

P.S. blah blah blah. the nasty crowd really do not understand the people they cannot be frightened into submission the Obama, and his threats was a real turning point. Something different is going to happen and it is that difference that people want in their life They have had the constant routine of corruption for so long that they will have change regardless. In Britain, people work to live and get by and retire on a piece of land somewhere that is their ambitions.

  In the U.S. they want to be rich and they want to be powerful. In Germany they want to control. But the British just want to "get on with life" they do not have the same ambitions that they have in the U.S. and most of Europe they have a similar attitude to the Japanese they want to get on. They are a nation of shopkeepers road diggers manual workers they do not care for the city of London it has no meaning to them. they do not look for wealth they just "want to get on."

They can be very nasty when pushed too far but they take a lot of provoking.

Comment Filter error: Lameness filter encountered (Score 0) 229

I do not understand this Amazon thing it obviously something to do with voice recognition?

I was at a meeting and we had to take notes and at the end of the session we had to hand in our notes to be examined for errors
and there was a word I did not know how to spell. I tried using a Samsung "smart phone" so I am trying to make it spell this word
it said "you can say memo send mum a card. And read the news. What would you like to do. Say hi Galaxy."

BUT you are not allowed to use any technology to complete the document so i am cheating. Bloody smart phone made so much noise and kept on coming back with the wrong word! i could hear people near me s n i g g e r i n g. I ended up using sounds like on a website

Comment Re:Carrie Fisher has a therapy dog (Score 0) 120

What's a therapy dog?

It is a loyal family member who knows all your secrets and never tells on you and is always loyal it loves you.
People who have alcohol or drug addiction or suicidal depression it loves them it has a positive effect on their life.
It can be found sleeping with the homeless as a loyal companion somebody to cuddle. Even as an untrained companion its senses when the mind is going wrong it tries to help by loving them.
They can be found helping people with mild schizophrenia.
A trained version can often be found in a hospice visiting patients.
It can be found with the housebound it kills the deafening silence it loves them.
People unconsciously train them they can be a bad boy, or a bad girl depending on what the human needs or wants.

And so on and so on and so on.
In Tokyo, they have battery operated cuddly ones who say mummy or daddy.

It is the power of love.

Comment I much prefer the have a go once (Score 1) 297

Pensioners have a very good income these days. Regardless of how they may complain sometimes.

The have a go ordinary elderly person: As hobbies adopts an elderly dog or cat from a rescue centre who tries to re-home dogs whose owners have died.
If they have not got a garden they grow plants on the window ledge. They buy decent clothing and look smart. They learn to use the Internet and use it for shopping. Many elderly people by the time they get elderly do not actually like other human beings and do not get lonely and they love those quiet days with their animals and "no bloody people."

Nasty young people turn into nasty old people. Just because somebody as an old face and body does not make them nice.
The world owes me a living type: fat and suffer from diabetes, they have blood flow problems their legs of turn black they have gaping ulcers on the legs.Their home smells. They buy junk from television shopping channel's. So much junk that they cannot move around their home. They create a little path so they can get to the kitchen for food. They complain that nobody is looking after them. They complain that the people looking after them are not looking after them. They do not want to be bothered by the people looking after them. They get so fat and gross and surrounded by TV shopping channel junk that they can no longer move. They then get scared because they are dying. They telephone the emergency services for an ambulance,
they have a high blood pressure and an enlarged heart. And they are miserable bastards who are going to die probably from the enlarged heart.
They have incontinence pads stuck to them that need peeling away.

I much prefer the have a go once.
Ladies and gentlemen always try to be a have a go elderly person. Quality of life is better than quantity of life there are worse things than dying.
And remember people live happier and longer life's when they have something to look after and that is why women live longer. Get a dog or some kind of animal feed the wildlife make the birds around you depend on you. Caring for others makes you live a healthier longer life. Carers keep their faculties longer a absolute fact.

Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge.

Comment Re:We're all gonna die (Score -1) 101

Today, President Elect Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin both announced that they plan to expand their nuclear arsenals. Of course, Trump made his announcement on Twitter.

Duck and cover, motherfuckers.

Rather Twitter than CNN or any of the other news propaganda media. The news media does not like Twitter any more unless they are using it for their news stories. Donald Trump, was elected by the people and is telling the people directly what he plans on doing. News media does not like it good!

Hillary Clinton, and her cronies in the news media have spread so many lies and so much fake news that when genuine news does happen nobody is going to believe it. The U.S. media has made a mockery of the U.S. and now Russia is feeling dangerously powerful because of it.

Comment Because people are stupid. (Score 0) 766

Because people browse with cookies enabled tracking cookies. Because people browse with Java enabled it does not need to be enabled until you find what you are looking for. Or because people are using Google spyware browser whose business is spying selling for advertising companies. And the obvious one because people are stupid.


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