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Comment Fake news (Score 0) 304

This news story is fake news. In law there is no such thing as hate speech not even in the EU.
It is silly childish newspeak equal to hate crime as opposed to a friendly crime don't we just all love those friendly murderers and friendly burglars muggers and so on.

Hate speech is it loved or is it hated by the deaf and dumb. Harassment Internet harassment harassing somebody is not hate speech it is harassment harassment harassment!

"This posting was monitored by British intelligence and various other government quangos under the new surveillance laws in the U.K., everything we say and do is monitored. We are now a police state a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that supervises the citizens activities. Speak out do not be frightened."

Comment Dual boot (Score 0) 121

I now have a Windows 7 laptop, which I use for Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. I have been flashing my credit card to various companies on the Internet and I have noticed you can pay hundreds of pounds for a program that is absolute crap on Microsoft Windows. I own lots of computers so I don't need to dual boot and if anybody does need to they are on such a tight budget that they cannot afford to run Windows anyway.
I do not like Microsoft Windows but I use it lately just for graphics.

And now for the signature which seems to be doing the rounds on social media and e-mail signatures.

"This posting was monitored by British intelligence and various other government quangos under the new surveillance laws in the U.K., everything we say and do is monitored. We are now a police state a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that supervises the citizens activities. Speak out do not be frightened."

Comment Lowlife is a criminal blackmailer (Score 0, Troll) 128

Good job they should of gave him 20 years in prison. He got paid to look after a system and he betrayed the company and he betrayed the trust of all the small businesses that relied on that ISP.

If he tries not to pay up in prison then all his possessions will be confiscated and put up for auction. His bank account will be frozen and his assets shared "to the value of" will be shared out between the ISP and the bailiffs collection fees.

This lowlife attempted to damage all the small businesses and blackmail them and the ISP. This lowlife is a criminal blackmailer. He has done nothing honourable he is not a whistle-blower he is a blackmailing criminal.

Comment European Union getting smaller every year (Score 0, Informative) 72

But all the fake brand-name products come from Chinese websites and some very big Chinese companies. EU talks a lot but does very little and I think they would need Big Brother U.S. to speak up for them. And what with the European Union getting smaller every year the small turd Brussels, will have to do make with threatening themselves. And I think Italy is on its way to bankruptcy owing the US: €34.8 bn FRANCE: €309 bn SPAIN: €29.5 bn JAPAN: €32.8 bn GERMANY: €120 bn and the UK: €54.7 bn. Foreign debt per person €32,875. Foreign debt: €2 tn.

Comment Stubborn (Score 3, Interesting) 68

I have never used Google search there are so many other search engines. I have noticed that Firefox automatically places a Google cookie when the browser opens.
The new Opera browser feeds google information and has a built in Google search, and when you open the browser it automatically connects to Google.

They say Google is the biggest spying company on the Internet and you cannot escape them. I don't believe that and I enjoy trying anyway. If you don't make it easy for them It costs them more money. If you do make it easy they take you for a cunt. I am stubborn.. And just like the word stubborn nobody knows my origin.

Comment Spamming (Score 0) 95

Amazon should stop the spamming companies from spamming you with requests that you should leave them positive feedback preferably five stars.
And why are spam messages always the same even though they are different companies. "We are a small company and your positive feedback would help us. You can click this link and leave positive feedback."

Comment Re:I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on HB (Score 0) 46

Ok I purchased the bundle. A long list of books, to download with a one-off payment. Whoops! one-off British chiefly British = done, made, or happening only once.
The page looked awkward on Opera 12.16. It said for charity a charity donation but my browser could not see what charity. It said choose a charity but there was no option on Opera. Some of the books, I remember from a long time ago they would be dated = old-fashioned.

I have been typing in another language all day I will eventually get back to writing in a normal manner.. I don't mean to explain everything you understand.
I was worried about being charged for each individual book when I received the payment link by e-mail.

Comment Pay import duty? (Score 0) 106

I don't read any reviews which start off with "this is my honest opinion". And the mentally retarded who complain about I purchased these sharp knifes, and I'm
only going to give them five stars, because I cut my finger.

If it does not have a picture I do not purchase it. Also why does Amazon hide the company's address! You think you are buying from the country you are in and it ends up you are purchasing something from China, which takes over a month to get delivered and then you have to pay import duty.

I refuse to pay twenty pounds Sterling so the delivery man put it on the floor and walked away. I then received a letter demanding the money or else they were going to send in debt collectors for the sum of twenty pounds Sterling. I took no notice of the letter and I have not seen their debt collectors.

Comment BBC is noble and the most trusted news media (Score 0) 241

News is rarely true. Look at the BBC website "hate crime" it's Newspeak it's not a criminal offence it is a hate crime. Anything can be a hate crime if you decide it is a hate crime but it is not a criminal offence. In the U.S. the media have created the phrase "hate speech" and hate crimes.

U.S. news media says hate crimes have gone up since Donald Trump, was elected president. Donald Trump, is an idiot who does not deserve to be president. If he's an idiot how did he become a billionaire? and why are not the news readers who are calling him an idiot not themselves billionaires.

Donald Trump, is the elite and doesn't represent the common people. Hillary Clinton, not only represents the common people she represents all of the people all of the time. It doesn't matter that she is a criminal it doesn't matter that she has accepted millions from donators in the Middle East. It doesn't matter that her husband is a rapist. She represents the common people she represents all of the U.S..

The U.S. bombs civilians it is collateral damage. Another country does it and it is a war crime.

BBC News 24 is running a 24 hour campaign against Donald Trump, he is everything from a Nazi to a Mafia gangster. And black people are downtrodden honest beautiful trustworthy but downtrodden by those repulsive murdering stealing white people.

The BBC are constantly telling you that the BBC is noble and the most trusted news media in the world. They broadcast that message at least once every day.
They demand money with threatening letters which they post randomly threatening people with imprisonment if they don't pay for this BBC television licence even if they don't watch the BBC and even if they don't have a television set as long as they have a computer and they can possibly see a a television programme.

The American media is constantly showing you that you have to be a homosexual a transsexual a lesbian or a black person to be a real free loving "American". A lesbian talk show host a black talk show host different strokes for different folks..

the rascals have controlled the majorities for such a long time that they cannot come to terms with the fact that the majorities are having their say.
The say populism is a bad thing. Populism "a person who supports or seeks to appeal to the interest of ordinary people. Representing or appealing to the interests of opinions of ordinary people". = Democracy. Democracy has no place in their new World order. They cannot except and will not accept that the majority rule.

It wasn't long ago they were saying Facebook won the election for Donald Trump. They now all desperately want to control the Internet. In the U.K. they monitor your telephone calls and monitor all your Internet activities they can break into your Internet accounts and break into your computer all lawfully.

In the U.S. the authorities simply don't care you would think that the NSA run the U.S..

The English-speaking media make the Chinese media look respectable.

Comment Linux AfterShot Pro 3 (Score -1, Offtopic) 172

Because I'm a awash with money at the moment I purchased Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for Linux Mint/Ubuntu. Corel AfterShot Pro 3 is outrageously buggy the errors belong to another era. Losing directions unable to see files that are there. Unable to see simple JPEG files even though they are in that direction and even though they are in the catalogue.

But seeing JPEG files which no longer exist and clicking on that file that no longer exists crashes the program! without error messages.
Damaging the original files when it should be only touching the clone.

Technical support does not understand the Linux version of Corel AfterShot Pro 3, that's outrageous!
Unable to see some Canon Raw files which may be "fixed in a future upgrade".

Had to switch to KDE Linux Mint "RawTherapee 4.2.0" which could see all the files.
Had to go out and purchase a Samsung laptop i7 16GB with Windows 7 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 14, and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

What the hell is the matter with this company Corel and their product on Linux "AfterShot Pro 3". I gave them my money so I'm stuck with the program But for gods sake it's useless! i really got taken for a fool with that one.

Comment MoD lobbying trolls (Score 1) 432

I was in Devon yesterday at the naval base which is also a tourist area. They have misappropriated multi-billion pounds on quango projects. They are one of the largest lobbying groups. Their defence budget is still the 5th largest in the world.

They have a statement quote:

"Despite having the world’s 5th largest defence budget, it is clear we are getting terrible value for money. British defence procurement has been plagued by waste, cock-ups and mismanagement over the last 40 years and the RN continues to suffer from this. There have been some success stories but most major warship, submarine or aircraft programme has delivered late and over budget. Although the last defence secretary, Phillip Hammond, attempted to bring some order to MoD finances, there has been only limited progress in reducing the colossal waste and inefficiency in defence procurement".

They have more missiles than they know what to do with. As they are one of the largest lobbying groups they are always coming up with fake stories and screaming poverty.

Comment Oliver Twins treasure Island dizzy. (Score 0) 181

Phone hacking phreaking which come from Australia for us. Zmodem with error correction on BBS = bulletin boards. Hours to download a MS-DOS, although Dr DOS protected mode was better. Then come the mobile phone which looked like a large square brick your computer would look for a number when it found it you had free telephone calls. What you would get on a typical BBS would be game codes, phreaking software which work on high-pitched tones. Text downloads on how to steal electricity without being caught. And company network telephone numbers with passwords. Games from the Oliver Twins, especially for the Amiga, "treasure Island dizzy" and if money was scarce a Amstrad, computer. The Atari ST was my favourite. And they would swap codes for Datel Electronics Action Replay cartridge which come with a floppy disk.

Oh dear, I understand this story and I would spend almost every waking hour on BBS boards all over the world. What a waste of childhood.

Comment Germany, has never been a democracy (Score 0) 179

Germany, has never been a democracy and has never believed in free speech. At the end of the war the British, introduced the slogan "crossing bridges" to teach Germans about democracy. I don't like the Germans, to be honest I worked there for a year there is a saying ( people go for holidays in Cornwall Spain, France, Canada the U.S. Asia but nobody goes for a holiday in Germany ). Europeans will travel to Amsterdam, and Thailand, and so on but nobody wants to go to Germany.. I noticed that when ever they argued they called each other "turniphead"

I was invited to a English, football game they were playing against Germany. The English, started humming and it started off quietly and then began to get louder and louder! and they were all humming! The humming was so loud it was going through my body a crazy sensation I just started laughing to myself and I couldn't hear myself laughing!

They were humming the theme tune to the Dam Busters. I watched the film and n i g g e r the dog was dubbed out in the television version but it was available on the DVD. It's a crazy world....
Filter error: Lameness filter encountered

Comment Gay people worldwide was going crazy. (Score 1) 380

Gay people worldwide was going crazy in the 80s. They would go to work with their nightclub clothing in a bag, so when they finished work they would head straight for the nightclub. I remember a well-known doctor telling somebody who had syphilis not to worry about having sex with him because he could cure the both of them. Sex become an addiction for gay people and not a pleasure. You had Japanese, elderly businessmen going to Thailand to sleep with anything that was 16 years old or younger. You had the U.S. and the Europeans going crazy using the term "cruising" public toilets, recreation grounds, train stations subways. Shower houses blacked out darkrooms. You had people turning up on a regular basis for treatment for venereal disease it got so bad that they would have to drink a thick slime that was antibiotics, because normal antibiotic treatment was not working on them any more.

Local Council authorities had to close down public toilets. Shopping centres, shopping malls had to put cameras on the outside of the public toilets for security to force gay people out of the toilets who were using them for sex. they were dropping like flies in the 90s.

I was very young back then and I was very! judgemental I didn't like their lifestyle their attitude.. they would want to infect people because " gay people infected them." They had a disliking for each other.

Nowadays even though the rate of infection is going up again you are not allowed to mention what groups in society the infection rate is increasing in.

People are now dying because of political quangos. Ironically quango pressure groups are also self-destructive.

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