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Comment 86 286 zZzZz (Score 0) 467

I really miss typing faster than the computer could cope with. I really miss waiting ages for a program to load. I also miss the tape loading programs and listening to all the I pitch noises and then hoping it did not crash when it says please switch over to side two. I really miss dialling those BBS boards with Zmodem to download a little program that took so long they could have sent it by post faster. I miss people asking me "is it broken" and me replying no it takes a little while to start up. I really miss Amstrad BASIC, Amiga BASIC, PC BASIC,
10 print "hello world"
20 goto 10
hello world
hello world
hello world
hello world
hello world

I miss sitting in a cold room with a PC "Homebase" because they get too hot in a warm room.
And I really miss looking at a green screen.

And then later the floppy disks I think MS-DOS come with 7 floppy disks for the "state of the art" Olivetti computer.

Comment GCHQ (Score 0) 57

Yahoo! give GCHQ access to Yahoo system a long time ago. Yahoo messenger and Yahoo groups. Yahoo groups used to be the most monitored and the most often deleted. GCHQ used to run amok on Yahoo, sending people attachments and just really being annoying bastards. It went the same way as ICQ.

I have never used Twitter but they tell me that Twitter is going the same way.

Comment Police complaints (Score 0) 299

Been there. Easy. Make your formal complaint to police complaints. Speak to your solicitor. The warrant has to have a time limit.
You make a receipt stating that your computer system and cameras belonged to somebody else. The warrant is for your property.

When I got home from work I could see images on my CCTV of the police banging on my window. They were running up and down out the front of my property and they were climbing over the fence at the back of the property.

My dog was going crazy when I got home. while looking through the CCTV images the police returned.
They had a dog handler with one of those nooses and instead of knocking on the door they started to kick the front door in!

I quickly opened the front door as I did so they try to push their way in I grabbed the dog handlers noose pulled it off of him and threw it back out.
My dog is not a domestic dog it is a properly trained protection dog/guard dog.

The police said they will get a warrant so I told him to get a warrant.

They said they was not going to leave until they seized the dog, Unless I give them the CCTV system, all of it plug everything.
I told them to take the dog and I will lodge a complaint and reclaim the dog. I told him he cannot come in to take the dog.

We started pushing each other and the dog went crazy they backed off and I slammed the door closed and quickly rushed to the phone.
I telephoned the solicitor, which we use he told me if I have anything there to record them with do so and make sure they know that I am doing it.
I did that. They stood outside the property for about half an hour. Eventually I received a telephone call and it was the police (how did they get my telephone number ).

  A policewoman tried to speak to me all nicely and apologise for the unprofessional behaviour of her colleagues.
She then asked if she could come round and take my CCTV system on a temporary basis.

The crime was only a prophetic crime somebody selling marijuana in little packages. Remember I live in this neighbourhood..
I told her the CCTV is not switched on it is just for show.

I then made my complaint about the police the next day to police complaints which you have to do on the Internet.
They said my complaint would go on the permanent record of the police officers involved and where ever those police are transferred to my complaint will go with them on their permanent record.

Does not sound like anything happened but it was worth making the complaint.

Comment Re:SimpleBurn DVDs (Score 0) 117

This happened even when using VLC?

It saved them as MP4s so when I put them in his DVD, a option popped up on his DVD player saying select photos, or videos, or music. I simply selected video and it played the films and you could simply fast forward past the copyright notice and for some reason it stripped out the "trailers" advertising other films. So it worked perfectly. It also worked perfectly on the system I use for copying them Linux Mint.

On Linux Mint it automatically opened the video player as: Totem 3.10.1

So fast forward worked on the copied DVD, and on Linux Mint. How Windows manages to bring back the lock that stops you from fast forwarding past the copyright notice I do not know. How it got the name of the DVD film and the copyright notice even though sending information is turned off I do know. And I assume that foreign subtitles on Windows was to irritate the watcher because it was a copy.

Multinationals just cannot get enough information and enough power over people. The odds are that eventually they will get Linux under their thumb eventually.

Comment SimpleBurn DVDs (Score -1) 117

I had to make some copies of DVDs, everybody does it to avoid the copyright notices that you cannot fast forward past in movie/film "trailers"? The older the DVDs the worst they were. It is perfectly legal in the U.K. to make a copy of the DVDs that you own for your own use. A backup so to speak. The owner was making a fuss about having to watch the copyright warnings and advertising of other films. I do not usually get involved in things like that but this time I did. I made copies of them on Linux Mint with "SimpleBurn"

All the copies played on my Linux system with no problems they also played on my DVD.
I tested them on a Windows system and it put foreign subtitles on them without the option to stop subtitles It also gave a warning about copyright that I could not fast forward past on Windows and it gave the name of the films. How do they do that without spying on you.. I switched off the option of collecting information about DVDs being played on Windows so it should not have known.

It is at times like that I really appreciate Linux and its various desktops.

I do not watch feature films myself they are like watching paint dry nothing more boring than watching silly crap for an hour?
The DVDs were jeepers creepers and jeepers creepers 2, and The Sixth Sense, and predator and terminator, Poltergeist, and the zombie DVD collection.

Comment Re:but (Score 0) 96

Short term solution:

1. Pink noise generator, through a parabolic reflector aimed at the camera (microphone)
2. Small laser pointer aimed at the camera lens, or if that's a problem legally, a small array of superbright LEDs facing the lens - use some on white, and a few on red, green, and blue.

Longer term:
Call the authorities at the slightest hint of a breach of regulations. Pay for a friend to stay at the guest house and take notes of any code violations - health, building, electrical, etc, then hand that over to the Council inspectors.

In London CCTV cameras, are on the front of shops on lampposts and almost on every street corner.
The black gangs who want to break into a property use non-powerful lasers which they purchase from eBay, not particularly powerful ones. They wait for night-time and they point the laser at the CCTV cameras and it damages the nightvision of the CCTV camera. It creates a scribble effect like a child has used a pencil to scribble on a piece of paper.

It permanently damages the nightvision of the CCTV camera. The camera ends up not switching back to daytime vision it makes the camera useless.
Some of the very expensive cameras have a reset button inside them you have to take them apart power them on and hold down the reset button to reset the camera to factory default settings. Most other cameras in the 80 pounds sterling price range just never work again.

Comment Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. (Score 0) 145

This computer has no restrictions it is my oldest and favourite computer. There is no place like home.
A long time ago it used to have a paid for system called TurboLinux on it the company was from San Francisco U.S.A.
the company went bankrupt and I received a very sarcastic rude notification from one of their employees.
The computer was a job-related working computer at that time. I upgraded the processor and gradually used parts from HP systems.
  it then switched to a Linux system run by a French company that was known for their excellence with multilingual capabilities.
  I used their power pack Linux version paid for and the company suddenly went bankrupt but treated me good and gave me plenty of notification.

At that stage my computer was officially a geriatric. I purchased a bankrupt companies HP systems servers
and rebuilt the computer again this one.

Operating System Version
Kernel Linux 3.13.0-37-generic (x86_64)
Compiled #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:28:38 UTC 2014
Default C Compiler GNU C Compiler version 4.8.4 (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3)
Distribution Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca.
Computer Name xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx
Desktop Environment X-Cinnamon (default)
Uptime 11 days, 6 hours and 28 minutes
Load Average 0.12, 0.09, 0.09

Display Resolution 1920x1080 pixels
Vendor The X.Org Foundation
Version 1.15.1
Monitor 0 1920x1080 pixels

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2200.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz 2128.00MHz

Total Memory 16263388 kB
Free Memory 13911788 kB
Buffers 152872 kB
Cached 1010920 kB
Cached Swap 0 kB

Filter error: Lameness filter encountered

Comment Re:Post-mortem (Score 0) 557

Have they made a post-mortem of what was good/bad about their experience with this setup?
Have they state why they want to change? Or is it just a "vote" of some interested parties that decide what to do?

capcha: discord

1: They said programs crashed.

2: They said using LibreOffice, productivity was down probably relying on Microsoft's voice recognition product much like Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London MP.

3: They said incompatibilities.

4: copying large data files taking too long.

The person who originally set it all up used to post on slashdot a long time ago if he still reads this he would have all the answers.

Comment Horror film movies (Score 0) 55

Watching feature films movies is like watching paint dry. I never did understand the attraction of "movies" oh dear, I just do not fit in with this type of stuff.
I think I will try one of these horror films and try to find one without bad music and lots of annoying screaming.

The names are corny and the picture on the front of them is silly and probably has nothing to do with the film.
They all seem to be the same. Somebody tell me a name I want to try to fit in.

Comment I think Donald Trump, is great! (Score -1) 477

People are mostly stupid and in everyday life you can blank them out but keyboard ones just will not go away.
You purchase a product and it is not working so you search for the company on the Internet you find a forum
and you tell them what your problem is with the product. An idiot will type a message saying my one is working.

You reply to the message saying this is not about your one. They reply with I was just saying my one is working so I do not see why your one is not working.
Now at this point you realise you are dealing with a mentally retarded keyboard junkie. And you realise no matter what you type the person will interfere.. The only way around such problems is to treat them with absolute contempt. And there is the problem you begin treating everybody on the Internet with total contempt it makes life easier it is direct and to the point.

There is a good reason why these type of people spend so much time on the Internet, it is because they have a personality disorder and in real life off of the keyboard they would have their face rearranged and
They have learnt that.

My latest one to upset the fascist is to sign off saying I think Donald Trump, is great. Not only does that really stir them up but I also really mean it. Hahaha!

Comment Hey Kaspersky. (Score 0) 54

Kaspersky I am not too happy with them. We had some news about people being arrested for treason?
My payment system is a Windows system and I had to transfer some money and "Kaspersky Internet security" is working in the background and I am thinking to myself is it safe. I was transferring £5000 not a lot of money but but the account I was transferring it to had a lot of money in it. This Windows payment system has a long standing contract with Kaspersky, I wish they would let people know what is happening. When the licence is near its end they always send you an e-mail reminding you. So where is my e-mail telling me what is happening. Is my money safe? What the fuck is happening.
Sunday 05/02/17.

Comment Re:Mr Forbush and the Penguins 1971 (Score 0) 50

I was very young at school learning English

Judging by the rest of your post you weren't exactly decrepit when you gave up.

I felt decrepit when I went to New York, and found out you do not need to know English to talk it.
Feeling absolutely superior off I went to England, and was absolutely horrified to find grown men and women singing their ABCs
In a large complex called channel sea. The supervisor told me she teaches the English how to read and write.
As you may know in the U.S. that is common but in England! I just could not believe it.
I spent a year in Hackney London practising at Homerton University Hospital. I have clicked on your profile and I can see from your postings that you have spent some time at channel sea, and you did not qualify.

Comment Mr Forbush and the Penguins 1971 (Score 0) 50

He spent quite a long time being a drunken pig and people would not employ him. He played a drunk in the television police serious called the Sweeney. He played in the television programme Doctor Who, and then in the drama ( I Claudius ). And a television film called ( the naked civil servant 1975 ).

He played the Welshman who was hanged for the murder he did not commit ( 10 Rillington Place 1971 )

Playing the bounty hunter ( The Proposition 2005)

Mr Forbush and the Penguins 1971 ( I was very young at school learning English being shocked by the hardness of nature ).

I do not mind films if I happened to see them but I do not like actors and actresses I find them boring shallow people. The person they play in the film is not the person they are and I know that and I often do not like the people they are. I would not like to get to know the people they are. But I sometimes like the people they play.

I liked the film ( Mr Forbush and the Penguins 1971 ) because it startled me there was a big world out there and I was going to travel it.
When I met the actor in England London he was with a television actor and he was drunk and I just did not like him. Although I liked the character he played.

There would probably be an actor or an actress I liked if I met them but mostly I do not like them and I have met quite a few because of work.

Comment Re:Amazon's payment system is universal. (Score 0) 98

Asking for letters in your password is the opposite of security. Cuts down the search space by ~98% by each letter/position thus leaked. An 8-char password effectively becomes a 5-char password if they have the 3rd, 5th, and 7th letters.

They usually tell me it is something to do with spyware and bots but they cannot go into details for security reasons. Visa card U.S. for legislation reasons will switch it back to a password or auto correct password for the partially sighted or for people who cannot respond in time. Some can pre-plan before they purchase and use Ctrl + v to paste their password. The seventh letter and third letter and so on in a password would be impossible for them because of timeout. 3 times timeout would mean locking Visa card.

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