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Why Video Game Movie Adaptations Need New Respect 283

An anonymous reader writes "Hollywood has yet to find any video game property it is willing to treat with the same respect as J.R.R. Tolkien or J.K.Rowling, arguably still following the principles that led to the appalling Super Mario Bros. movie in 1992: 'A game lacks the complexity that a movie requires.' Yet a modern gaming masterpiece such as Mass Effect has the depth and breadth to deserve better treatment in the proposed trilogy. Is Hollywood again going to disrespect fans who, in this case, have as much right to see a good plot respected as the readers of Lord Of The Rings? This article discusses why and how Hollywood should grow up regarding these adaptations."

Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo? 418

danabnormal writes "Increasingly I'm being frustrated in my attempts to find a game I want to play. In an effort to catch up, I've been using my bog standard Dell laptop to dig out treasures I have missed, such as American McGee's Alice, Grim Fandango and Syberia. I don't often get the time to play games, so I like to have the opportunity to dip in and out of a title without feeling like I'm losing something by not playing it for periods of time. But when I find a title I like, I make the time. Heavy Rain is the last game that gripped me, that truly engaged me and made me want to complete it in a single sitting. I'm tired of the GTA formulas, bored of CoDs and don't have the reaction time to think on my feet for AOE III. Is it about time I tossed in the controller and resigned myself to the fact that the games I want only come out once in a blue moon? Or have I just not found that one great title that will open me up to a brand new genre? Lords of Ultima is going OK at the moment — is there anything of that ilk I've missed? What are your thoughts? Do you stick to a particular genre? Are you finding it harder, as you get more mature, to find something you want to play?"

Comment It's too hard to return to a game after a pause (Score 1) 341

As the generations age, more and more adults are playing computer games. In my "adult life" I have played a lot of games and only completed two or three.

The reason for this are complicated controls and level of skills required to continue an interrupted game.

Let's take GTA IV. It's a nice game. The controls are kinda advanced and difficulty of the levels raises as the game progresses. An adult person with a job and a family can play a game like GTA few nights a week and complete some of the missions. Then something happens and there is a pause. Maybe your kid gets sick or you have a busy period at work.

After a while, I would like to pick up the game and continue the progress. But then I find out, that I have forgotten some of the controls and some skills have been lost and the game kicks my ass. After a few failed missions the frustrations takes over and I turn of the PS3 and never pick up GTA IV again.

As a busy adult with work and family, I do not need more frustrations from a computer game after a long day at work.

Comment Re:Penalties (Score 1) 657

Royalties and closed markeds are nice to have for a company, but there is more to it.

I fully understand Microsoft and other large companies. They "arm themselfes" with patents and use them in the same way as strategic nuclear weapons are used by governments.

Every big business has to aquire as many patents as possible for everything they can think of. If they don't have them, they are sitting duck and can easily be ruined by lawsuits from other players.

Every company is infringing patents owned by others, because basically everything useful is being patented. There is a fragile equilibrium, because everybody is affraid to start lawsuits, knowing that a counter lawsuit will be launched against you.

This is how patents are used today. The big companies are not the ones to blame. The patent system made this behaviour possible, so it has to be fixed.

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