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Submission + - Senate OKs immunity for telecoms

pickyouupatnine writes: "WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Senate voted Tuesday to give immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the federal government eavesdrop on suspected terrorists after the September 11 attacks. You can find the full story here ("

Submission + - New Engine Combusts Old Ideas

pickyouupatnine writes: According to this Wired story, the Scuderi Group has recently invented a new internal combustion engine that is more efficient and cheaper to build and maintain. There are demo videos on both the Wired website and Scuderi Group's site.

Submission + - MIT Laptop Jumps Price but adds features! :)

pickyouupatnine writes: According to this story on ARS Technica, the $100 MIT Laptop is now going to cost $140. It has a new name — it'll now be called the Children's Machine 1 (CM1). But the added price comes with features! The laptop will now come with a 400 MHz AMD processor, 512 Megs of Flash storage, an SD card slot, mic and headphone jacks, a built in camera, and built-in wireless. OH.. It will also come with an 8-inch LCD at a 1280x900 resolution.

Next up from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) — free corrective lenses for all the children who went blind trying to read the text on an 8-inch screen at 1280x900.

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