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Comment Re:Wait, they did WHAT for HOW MANY COOKIES? (Score 1) 125

Even Google Chrome fails to capitalize on the most useful feature they could have with a separate process per tab: the ability to SLEEP any tab you want until you view it!

I keep all my frequent pages open in Firefox tabs (Facebook, Myspace, Digg, etc...), and they all hog my processing time, even when I'm not viewing them! I want to be able to COMPLETELY STOP all Javascript and Flash processes in that tab if I'm not looking at it, so it doesn't waste my CPU fetching updates when I don't care. When I click on the tab, THEN and ONLY THEN will the JS and Flash be able to run! How could they overlook this feature? It seems like that's the whole point of having separate processes!

Comment Re:I have a very bad feeling about this (Score 1) 339

"Take the girl who very, very selfishly whined about the earthquake in China. Does she really deserve the same punishment as a convicted criminal?"

No, she doesn't. That's why she was not punished like a criminal. She was shamed and humiliated by the community, which she obviously deserved. She could have done the same thing WITHOUT posting it to YouTube, such as saying it in front of her family or close friends, and those people around her should have done the exact same thing. This is how society works, but on the internet it works at a much larger scale. (And BTW, that's why she was thrown in jail. She was inciting the public to riot, much like yelling "bomb" in an airplane or something.)

Comment Re:For the iPhone, doesn't make sense (Score 0, Flamebait) 287

His point is that the iPhone software isn't sophisticated enough to detect "which one you were actually closer to." I've tried typing on my friend's iPhone before, and it's horrible. I'm sure all the fanboys will scoff because they've trained themselves to be much more precise (in fact I learned quickly that it's all about the lift-off, not the push-on: you just slap your finger down haphazardly but then slide it to where the correct key is selected before you take it off), but this keyboard has a better design so you don't need to correct it in software. That's something I think Apple would jizz their pants over and so I hope to see this guy making money soon.

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 1) 148

Your first sentence, "micropayments as the thing that will save the Internet, despite the fact that they've been tried several times before and have been a dismal failure" contradicts your later sentence, "since iPhone users tend to be used to shelling out small amounts of money frequently anyway with iTunes and the App store." Obviously, micropayments did not work in the few terrible implementations that were tried that you are referring to, but Apple is big enough and visible enough to make them work. And they are working INCREDIBLY well. A successful iPhone app (also usually the stupidest and simplest ones, like lighting a cigarette with your iPhone), rakes in tens of thousands of dollars a week because $1 is definitely nothing you're going to miss if you already paid $300 for your phone and $99 for a data plan. If you don't think $1 for a song or app is a micropayment, just do the comparison. Yeah, the original micropayments idea started with things costing a nickel, or a fraction of a cent, but Apple has the right idea here and the smarts to make it work. It's only a matter of time before everything can be bought online for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Comment So far I like it (Score 1) 310

I'm not trying to be anti-Slashdot here by not automatically bashing Microsoft, but the search results are pretty nice. On the left you can mouse over to see a preview of the page... seems to be helpful since Google *always* manages to cut off the description right before the part you need! The video search is awesome! I can mouse over and see if it's really the video I was looking for or just a poser. Also works great for porn.

The definition showing up right in the results is nice, instead of having to always click "define" and wait for another slow-ass dictionary site to load. However, their spell check sucks. I tried typing "pthisis" when I meant "phthisis" and then I had to go to Google to find the correct spelling!

Obviously it's not completely ready yet to compete with Google, but they have some pretty good interface improvements which I hope Google will copy one day.

Comment Summary is Wrong (Score 3, Informative) 189

It's called the SHOW WX, not SHOW WV. FTFA: "WX stands for "wide experience", referring to the wide image format, wide color range and wide always in-focus operation."

As a VJ, I could really use one of these instead of hauling around my huge HD projector, since I only project at 320x240 anyway (to keep real-time video mixing fast). Hopefully the battery really lasts as long as a movie though!

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