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Comment Divers Down! and Harold Leland Goodwin (Score 1) 203

The problem is a lot of books written for this specific purpose are out of print or lost to the ravages of time. Divers Down! for example, is an excellent book that deals with ocean engineering and mechanical engineering with a story that an 11 or 14 year old is actually going to be able to relate to. Another possibility is "Falling Free" by Lois Mcmaster Bujold which does a good job in orbital welding engineering while also telling an exciting story. Partly, the question is, how sophisticated is the given 11 to 14 year old? Honor students will have been exposed to different types of influences when compared to other students who may be reading at a different level (not to be un PC).

Comment What about adding some "Intermediate rules?" (Score 1) 330

For example, I have a really hard time remembering phone numbers, so I use mathematical rules to aid in memory recall. Like, take my cousin's phone number for instance (not a real number).

The Area code is (516) so I remember that as "Prime" 4^2 or "Prime" 16^1/2. Because I know 5 is a prime and 16 can be squared perfectly. Then the next three numbers are 231, which all happen to be Fibonacci sequence numbers. So I remember that as "FIB."

Finally, the last four digits are 4447, so that translates as 4^3 and a Prime or 7. The point is, part of the insecurity problem is the use of a small number of rules to create the passwords makes them more vulnerable. An additional set of "intermediary rules" could be implemented to make security more personalized and harder to defeat.

Comment Also, get into machine learning! (Score 1) 306

Huge important place to be for the next ten years. If you can do any sort of database at all you can get a great job at Orbitz or any other type of shop that uses Hadoop.

Go to machine learning meetups in your area, super smart people are in the data science community and they will help you get a job. Our Chicago Machine Learning group is super good for this!

Comment Re:Contracting... (Score 2) 306

Absolutely, contracting is the way to go! We have a bunch of guys who retired from John Deere to get the benefits and then walked right back in the front door as contractors. If I wasn't interested in running my own business, I'd plan on staying a contrator forever. I love moving every so often. And I don't need health benefits for another ten years or so based on my good genes.

Comment How to say this diplomatically? (Score 1) 30

"Influencing future technology" isn't really a thing. People are influenced by Slashdot as evidenced by this very nice gentleman and his video. Slashdot is a social space, not a technical workshop.

"Without me, my rifle is useless, without my rifle, I am useless." Making techology into this sort of monolithic, God like entity has always been a major failing in the computer geek culture. You need human's first to have technology. If no one wants to play with your neat toy, it may be very neat, but it may not be very useful.

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