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Comment Dud run (Score 1) 216

So am I lead to believe that this is a one way trip? If so how can a company be aloud to let this be so. If my Grandma is very sick with an age related disease and everyone can tell that she is living like a zombie, I go to jail if I assist in her death. Why aren't these loonies shut down for effectively knowing their crew will die.

Comment Inevitable really. (Score 1) 120

I remember when cable TV started and there were no ads. You paid a small about every month and you had the blissful ad free environment. We all knew it wouldn't last and that ads would be back at full strength again. That's just the way it works. Get you in on promises of a better experience, then later on change the terms. Do these internet titans have anything better to do with their colossal revenue other than sink it into more ways to see what we do, simply to sell it to advertisers. Twitter was a darling, and now they want to grow up they are eating their parents (us)... for money! Nothing more, nothing less, just a straight up money. Imagine if Twitter was not-for-profit.

Comment Slight of (Apple) hand. (Score 1) 244

If you ask me Apple has quietly let slip that is was developing a watch only to make everyone else go OH CRAP, and divert shed loads of resources to it. It's a shit idea with 21st century battery life. I have a £3K watch I hardly ever use because of my phone, and that lasts forever, why would I want to buy a watch that lasts ten hours when I have a phone that lasts longer. Apple 1, competitors 0
Media (Apple)

Apple Reconsiders, Approves NIN iPhone App 146

gyrogeerloose writes "According to MacRumors, NIN's iPhone application has been approved. Trent Reznor has reported via his Twitter account that the now-approved app was resubmitted without modification, which suggests that Apple reconsidered their initial rejection. This should really come as no surprise to anyone who follows Apple news since it follows the company's typical pattern of handing potentially controversial iPhone apps, especially when it concerns high-profile rejections."

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