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Submission + - "Selfie elbow" is now a real medical condition (phonemedical.com)

phonewebcam writes: Doctors are recognizing the symptoms as being similar to RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, and guess what? More Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat users, i.e. teenagers, are suffering from this than any other age group. From the article:

'When NBC journalist Hoda Kotb visited an orthopaedist complaining of a sore arm, she was asked if she played tennis or ping pong. After telling him no, he dug a little further. Going through her daily routine, he identified the problem as being her habit of taking up to 40 selfies at a time. The repetitive movement, combined with the strain caused by the angle of the raised arm, had led to what is now being recognized as "selfie elbow".'

Submission + - Fansmitter: Malware can hack air-gapped PCs using a smartphone (smartphonevirus.com)

phonewebcam writes: An ingenious hack has surfaced in a paper which shows a way to steal data from a PC/laptop using listening software on a smartphone, and malware controlling the fans on the target system.

From the article: "This convoluted setup wouldn't be of much interest if it wasn't for one particular trick it can pull off which almost none of the other malware attacks can — it targets air-gapped systems. Air-gapped is the term given to PC/laptops which are not connected to a network at all. Without a network connection, users assume remote hacks can't happen for obvious reasons."

Submission + - People Shown a Fake iPhone 5 Claim it's "Way Better" (geekbeat.tv)

phonewebcam writes: "Oops! "The Jimmy Kimmel Live show took to the street with an iPhone 4S, but told people it was an iPhone 5 to get their opinions. We don’t know how many thought it was worse, but as you can see from the video plenty of people fell for it and started talking about how much better it was. One guy who even claimed he has a 4S went on and on about how much better the new iPhone 5 was.""

Submission + - Microsoft giving away Windows phones to Czech developers (thenextweb.com)

phonewebcam writes: "It’s easy to become overly focused on the US and UK smartphone markets, assuming that they are essentially the game complete, and not simply two of its many players. However, the purveyors of the major smartphone lines know better, and focus on countries by the dozen; every place you don’t invest, someone else will, potentially limiting your market share.

Nokia and Microsoft are operating along that line of thought, and are currently paying attention to the Czech Republic, and its developer population. To help build interest among developers there, the two companies are offering up Lumia 710 and 800 phones to the first 100 local developers who place three apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and rack up 50 downloads."


Submission + - Microsoft approved to administer TV white space da (fiercebroadbandwireless.com)

phonewebcam writes: "The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) has named Microsoft as an administrator of the TV white spaces database, despite the company filing late and others opposing its designation.
Microsoft is now required to develop and operate a TV bands database in its geographic area that will locate the unused slivers of broadcast spectrum. Microsoft is now the 10th company the FCC has designated as a white space database provider."


Submission + - BT sues Google over Android (guardian.co.uk)

phonewebcam writes: "British Telecom is claiming billions of dollars of damages from Google in a lawsuit filed in the US which says that the Android mobile operating system infringes a number of the telecoms company's key patents.

The lawsuit, filed in the state of Delaware in the US, relates to six patents which BT says are infringed by the Google Maps, Google Music, location-based advertising and Android Market products on Android.

If successful, the suit could mean that Google or mobile handset makers will have to pay BT royalties on each Android handset in use and which they produce."

Submission + - French President Nicholas Sarkozy's pad busted for (torrentfreak.com)

phonewebcam writes: "French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a man who has championed some of the most aggressive anti-piracy legislation in Europe. But today it’s revealed that the occupants of his very own office and home are responsible for a nice selection of pirate downloads using BitTorrent. Three strikes? Those with access to the Presidential Palace’s IP addresses have already doubled that quota.

Located near the Champs-Élysées in the French capital, Paris, the Élysée Palace is the official residence of President Sarkozy. As husband of ‘first lady’ and musician Carla Bruni, Sarkozy has helped promote and push through some of the toughest anti-filesharing legislation to be found anywhere in Europe."


Submission + - Microsoft wants you to diss Android for a free WP7 (cnet.co.uk)

phonewebcam writes: "As the WP7 market share hovers around what Android would consider a rounding error, Microsoft sinks to a new level of desperation:

"This could be a little controversial. Microsoft is offering the chance of winning a free Windows Phone, in exchange for Android owners sharing tales of woe on Twitter concerning Google's operating system, Electric Pig reports.

People are encouraged to use the hashtag #droidrage to vent their dissatisfaction.

Windows Phone 'evangelist' Ben Rudolph tweeted: "Share your android malware story... and you could win a #windowsphone upgrade."""


Submission + - Man Survives Steve Ballmer's Flying Chair To Build (wired.com)

phonewebcam writes: "Mark Lucovsky was the other man in the room when Steve Ballmer threw his chair and called Eric Schmidt a “fucking pussy.”

Yes, the story is true. At least according to Lucovsky. Microsoft calls it a “gross exaggeration,” but Lucovsky says that when he walked into Ballmer’s office and told the Microsoft CEO he was leaving the company for Google, Ballmer picked up his chair and chucked it across the room. “Why does that surprise anyone?” Lucovsky tells Wired.com, seven years later. “If you play golf with Steve and he loses a five-cent bet, he’s pissy for the next week. Should it surprise you that when I tell Steve I’m quitting and going to work for Google, he would get animated?”"


Submission + - Google Apps Customer Explains How Microsoft Tried (sfgate.com)

phonewebcam writes: "A couple years ago, we heard a rumor that Microsoft viewed Google Apps as the number-one threat to its enterprise business. Apparently, whenever a big Microsoft customer announced a plan to use Gmail or Google Apps, Microsoft would sic a special team on them to try and change their mind.

Now, we know it's true.

Michael Rodger is the IT director of a Canadian hotel chain called Delta Hotels. In 2009, they decided to move their company's email to the cloud."


Submission + - Samsung may try to block next iPhone in Europe too (theregister.co.uk)

phonewebcam writes: "The Reg reports: "Samsung could try to get the iPhone 5 delayed or banned in Europe, a source has told South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper today. The Korean giant is considering a lawsuit against the next version of the Apple smartphone due in October, in the expectation that iPhone 5 will make use of some basic telecoms technology that Samsung has patented.

A patent suit could at least delay the launch of the phone until the case is resolved.

It comes a day after The Korea Times quoted an anonymous Samsung exec saying that the company would attempt to do the same thing in Korea.

According to Reuters, the MBN's source said that Samsung was considering further legal action against Apple and that the "South Korean firm may seek an injunction request on Apple's new iPhone in Europe."""

Submission + - Raspberry Pi running Quake 3 (raspberrypi.org)

phonewebcam writes: "Here’s something to liven up your weekend: a video of the Raspberry Pi running Quake 3. We’re still working on ironing a few kinks out (specifically, there seems to be a library issue which means our framerate, while good, isn’t quite as spectacular as we know it can be; we’re working on it as I post this) – but this is what test boards are for, and we’re making great progress getting the boards running smoothly."

Submission + - Murdoch's Paywall: The results ain't pretty at all (techdirt.com)

phonewebcam writes: The bad news (ho! ho!) is starting to come out regarding Murdoch's paywall experiment, and as usual its money doing the talking — in this case the advertisers have finally realised there's no point advertising to nobody, so are boycotting in droves. To make things worse, the actual suppliers of the news stories are beginning to avoid giving their scoops and interviews to the Times since no search engines can pick them up:

"Faced with a collapse in traffic to thetimes.co.uk, some advertisers have simply abandoned the site. Rob Lynam, head of press trading at the media agency MEC, whose clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Orange, Morrisons and Chanel, says, "We are just not advertising on it. If there's no traffic on there, there's no point in advertising on there." Lynam says he has been told by News International insiders that traffic to The Times site has fallen by 90 per cent since the introduction of charges."


Submission + - Apples "bars" explanation called out as BS (gizmodo.com)

phonewebcam writes: Gizmodo, who got an unfair advantage when it comes to early iPhone4 news, now report what everyone suspected — no amount of clever PR nor software tomfoolery can fix fundamental hardware issues.

"AppleCare has confirmed what we already knew: The incoming software update won't fix the iPhone 4's transmission and reception problems. They acknowledged the antenna problem exists, offering the same solution as before: Buy a case or hold the iPhone differently."

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