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Comment Re:Reeeaaal smart (Score 1) 127

The user just does one click and milliseconds later has given up all his personal data to the site he just autoregistered for.

Only the personal data you supplied to FB in the first place. Don't give it to FB, no one else gets it either. And if it's "required", just fudge it. Can't remember if my b-day was a required, but if it was I certainly didn't give them the real one. Same for just about every other shred of info on that site: it's either inconsequential (like a "throwaway" email addy) or falsified. And to any responses that say "it's against their TOS", well then call my honeybadger, cuz I just don't give a sh*t.

Comment Make it a game (Score 1) 402

"Hide" your passwords in a wordsearch puzzles and have someone pass them out at your funeral. It'll occupy the kids while their parents grieve for you, and by the end, they'll have found all your passwords so your relatives can get in on some of that sweet sweet cash. You'll be remembered for one hell of a funeral!

Comment Re:Err.... (Score 2) 455

WIMP = Window Icon Menu Pointer, a type of interface (I read it as "standard recognizable gui"). Juju is some kind of cloud interface, or something like that. The way I read it (somewhere else) is it's Ubuntu's attempt to stay relevant in the ever Cloud-centric world. No idea what this Unity thing is. The Ars Technica review (linked in summary) has photos, and I'd guess it's that left hand bar menu-esque thing.

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