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Comment Re:Party like it's 1999! (Score 1) 226

RDP has supported headless (is that correct term? Or is it rootless?) windows for ages now, so your remote applications run in local window manager, same as an X11-forwarded app does. So, you can start a single app on a remote host via an RDP connection and have it appear on your local desktop the same as your local apps. And you can do that from multiple remote hosts simultaneously.

RDP has come a long way from the "works like VNC only slightly better" days.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 312

I think the best example of this is comparing the British and US versions of Being Human.

The British version was 6-8 episodes a season. And it was very hard to not binge watch it, as the story was very tight and kept things moving along.

The American version was 26 episodes to a season, with the same story lines. IOW, a hell of a lot of filler. We tried watching it and gave up after 3 episodes because the story moved so slowly.

Same with police procedurals. The British versions get a lot more story in a lot fewer episodes.

Comment Re: Question about Canada and "media tax" (Score 1) 134

The other nice thing about this is that it's $ 5,000 per person, not per infringed work. :) Trying to sue a single person for having a couple hundred MP3 and MKV files on their computer wouldn't be worth the filing fees for most law firms.

We've really tried to shift enforcement operations over to the commercial copiers and seeders, and not the individual end-users. Which is pretty much the opposite way of the ol' US.

The RCMP has also come out publically saying it's not worth their time to investigate individual downloaders, and that they'll be concentrating on investigating commercial / for-profit operations.

Comment Re:Why does Iceland the country care? (Score 4, Insightful) 102

It's right there in the summary why they care.

Iceland Foods has been going after all kinds of companies from Iceland that try to setup shop in the EU using Iceland in their own company names. Iceland Foods is claiming trademark ownership over the word "Iceland" as used in the EU. Meaning, any Icelandic companies that try to get a foothold in the EU need to change the name they operate under or face a lawsuit from Iceland Foods.

And Iceland Foods is not related to the country of Iceland in any way, shape, or form.

Personally, I hope the Icelandic government prevails, and forces Iceland Foods to change their name to Ice Land Foods, thus allowing all their Icelandic companies to pay homage to their homeland in their new Iceland X company names. :)

Comment Re:Beta software has bugs. Film at 11 (Score 1) 163

What's old is new again. NT 3 shipped with a (supposedly fully) POSIX layer, along with an OS/2 layer, and a Win16 layer. I forget the proper name for them, but it was along the lines of personalities.

Later versions incorporated bits of OpenBSD userland to support networked UNIX systems.

Then it was all removed and retired somewhere in the Vista/7/8 era.

And now it's being resurrected and tired as something completely new. : Shakes head:

Young whippersnappers who don't know their history are bound to repeat it. ;)

Comment Re:Tor exit node = child sex offender (Score 4, Informative) 241

Pay-as-you-go SIMs can be bought at pretty much any gas station, 7-11, Mac's, Koodo, Fido, or Virgin booth with cash, without showing ID. Some of them require you to fill in an online form to activate the SIM, but you can put any info in there you want, and "payment" is done using the code on the receipt instead of credit card.

Just went through this process to get a Koodo SIM for friends visiting from Australia. No ID required, no paper trail created.

No regulation on this up here (Canada) that I can see.

Comment Re:And a few bucks more for missing content (Score 2) 316

The worst is when you find an older show, start watching it, really get into it, and then realise they only have Season 1, or the first couple of Seasons, but not the rest. :( Sometimes, you might get lucky, and find the later seasons on another streaming service, but usually you have to resort to torrents to find the rest of the show.

I'm okay with Netflix not having current TV shows in their streaming catalog, or not having the current season. But for a show that's been off the air for awhile, only having the beginning is worse than not having it at all.

Especially for kids shows!

Comment Re:Well, tell that to the Scandinavian Gov. (Score 1) 178

Which requires a specific server NIC (and 10 Gbps or faster at that) and a server version of Windows. We're talking about desktop Windows and Linux here.

Basically, you can't do multiple tagged vlans on an interface with desktop Windows, which is something that can be easily done with desktop Linux.

Comment Re:Well, tell that to the Scandinavian Gov. (Score 1) 178

No, that only allow you to set a single vlan tag onto an interface. Big whoop. In that case, you may as well just set the vlan ID for the switch port you are plugged into. At least that will work with any and every NIC out there (and is completely OS agnostic).

But, that's not what I asked for. I want to know how to assign multiple vlan tags to a single NIC in Windows. I have yet to find a way to do that.

My Linux station at work right now has 3 vlans tagged onto the single physical NIC, allowing my station access to 3 separate IP subnets. You can't do that with Windows.

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