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Comment Re:And a few bucks more for missing content (Score 2) 316

The worst is when you find an older show, start watching it, really get into it, and then realise they only have Season 1, or the first couple of Seasons, but not the rest. :( Sometimes, you might get lucky, and find the later seasons on another streaming service, but usually you have to resort to torrents to find the rest of the show.

I'm okay with Netflix not having current TV shows in their streaming catalog, or not having the current season. But for a show that's been off the air for awhile, only having the beginning is worse than not having it at all.

Especially for kids shows!

Comment Re:Well, tell that to the Scandinavian Gov. (Score 1) 178

Which requires a specific server NIC (and 10 Gbps or faster at that) and a server version of Windows. We're talking about desktop Windows and Linux here.

Basically, you can't do multiple tagged vlans on an interface with desktop Windows, which is something that can be easily done with desktop Linux.

Comment Re:Well, tell that to the Scandinavian Gov. (Score 1) 178

No, that only allow you to set a single vlan tag onto an interface. Big whoop. In that case, you may as well just set the vlan ID for the switch port you are plugged into. At least that will work with any and every NIC out there (and is completely OS agnostic).

But, that's not what I asked for. I want to know how to assign multiple vlan tags to a single NIC in Windows. I have yet to find a way to do that.

My Linux station at work right now has 3 vlans tagged onto the single physical NIC, allowing my station access to 3 separate IP subnets. You can't do that with Windows.

Comment Re:Well, tell that to the Scandinavian Gov. (Score 1) 178

Can you configure a NIC into vlan trunk mode and use multiple tagged vlans yet (and completely block untagged vlan)? That's something I've banged my head against the desk over many times with Windows XP and 7. Haven't tried on anything higher yet. I've just given up on using tagged vlans on Windows.

Comment Re:It really is sad (Score 1) 76


Mobiles are prett much PERFECT for a turn-based RPG like the old Pools of Radiance and other "gold box" game's of the 90s.

Sure, there are ports of Dungeon Warrior and Final Fantasy, but there are no new, original turn-based RPGs available. Something you can lose yourself in for weeks, but only need to play for 10 minutes at a time. The closest I've found is Great Little War Game series.

Comment Re:Medical Devices?!? (Score 2) 209

Most 2016 flagship smartphones include this feature: Personalised Audio. The Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 both include it; not sure about the LG G5.

I've used it on my Galaxy S7, and it actually makes a pretty big difference to how the audio sounds to me.

Plug in headphones, go into a quiet room, run the Adapt Sound feature, and it plays beeps in alternating ears at different frequencies and loudness. You press the button to show you can hear (or not) the beeps, and it creates a per-ear eq setting to normalise the audio.

Works for corded and Bluetooth headphones.

Comment Re:Heat (Score 1) 138

Sure, but then you'd have to choose on how to utilize the space - install a gazillion voltaic panels or a parking lot for the employees?

That's not an either/or situation. Just raise the "gazillion voltaic panels" 7 feet or so off the ground, and voila! Parking-lot sized carport. You get the solar power benefits, the employees get shaded parking that protects their vehicles from rain and sun. Win-win all around.

There's a few malls (or maybe just Wal-Marts?) around the US that are doing something similar, but on a smaller scale. Just little islands of panels around the parking lot to power the lights at night.

Comment Re: I was able to successfully use a docx (Score 1) 190

The best bit of incompatibility with MS office products was the ability of MS Works to open MS Word documents ... and the inability of MS Word to open MS Works documents. There was a downloadable plugin one could install to convert Works to Word, but the flagship office product couldn't load the files from their other office product.

Was a real pain back when MS Works was included by default on new machines that people used for work/school, and they couldn't transfer files to computers using the full MS Office suite without jumping through a bunch of extra hoops.

Comment Re:Tivo will do this already (Score 2) 153

We cut the cord 2 or 3 years ago, switching to an Internet-only package at a drastically reduced rate (compared to what we were originally paying). We try to keep the costs to around $ 80/mth, while getting more than 25 Mbps (currently 60 Mbps).

Every year, they offer us a triple-play package (basic cable + 1 or 2 channel packs, VoIP phone service, bump up a tier in Internet) for 6 months at no additional cost. We take it, mainly for the bump in Internet speed, and then cancel everything back to Internet-only after the 6 months is up. :)

We've done that 3 times now. And every time we cancel, we let them know it's because of the ridiculous pricing they charge for cable packages. Hoping they'll eventually get the message that their cable costs are driving customers away ... but not holding my breath. :D

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