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Comment Easy, arbitrary multi-monitor support (Score 1) 1215

At work I use seven monitors of various sizes and orientations, and at home I use four. Software needs notwithstanding, Windows' effortless support of these configurations is really the deal-maker for me. I use a lot of Linux servers, and my daily carry is a retina MBP, so once or twice a year I get a hankering to install Linux as my primary desktop OS, only to invariably run into issues with monitor configurations. Linux was my primary client OS from 2000 to 2004 as I used only a single machine, a laptop, for everything, but these days it doesn't meet my (client) needs.

Comment Re:How was it broken into again? (Score 2) 272

What you don't seem to understand is that these sorts of traps are specifically illegal in most jurisdictions. It's not a question, you WILL be charged with murder if you kill someone with one, or attempted murder/assault if you don't quite do the job. It's not the same as actually being there in a self-defense situation.

Comment Re:About those professors ... (Score 1) 248

Sounds like you didn't attend a research university, but perhaps a smaller school with a more instruction-focused department (not to be a dick, but what I'm trying to say is that this would be a lower end program). Most large University CS departments, at least in the US, require research work of their faculty. At higher levels it is integrated into some of the courses they teach as well. Also, PhD programs generally require extensive research work, which means the advisors need to be participating.

Comment Article is based on incorrect reading (Score 3, Informative) 138

I know which host and to which announcement this refers. All this is is a suspension of fully automated patching during the holiday season. If you want patching performed anyway, jut contact your support team. They prefer to make patching opt-in during this period to avoid site outages due to patching miscommunications.

Comment Re:Did I miss his point? (Score 1) 42

Your post reflects a complete misunderstanding of their business model. If anything Rackspace is all about value-adds. In fact, value adds are the entire point of the commoditization of hosting. Rackspace 's "traditional" dedicated hosting business is a premium one, charging higher prices for a higher level of support. The company aims to do something similar with cloud hosting. This is the opposite of a race to the bottom. An ecosystem with a commoditized baseline forces companies to compete on "value adds" like support and extended capabilities. Sure, it's in Rackspace's business interests as a company that has bet on the "open cloud" through Open Stack, but the rest of your post makes little sense.

Comment Re:Call it the Microsoft method (Score 1) 392


UID > 2mil spreading FUD about /. "corporate masters".

Seriously though, people are missing your point mainly because it's a fairly weak point to begin with. It's obvious from context that the poster meant "at no additional, post-sale cost", and anyone with a modicum of experience has to give a least a little respect to the Microsoft update machine.

Comment Re:Great, what we really needed (Score 1) 295

Between faculty, students and staff, my University had something like 60,000 people on campus each day. It makes sense to have a police force with ties to that community and an understanding of the unique nature of campus policing. The University police force performed just like any other city police force, for our "city" of 60,000. Doesn't have anything to do with a crime problem, other than the particular balance of crimes that any college sees (i.e. more drunken parties, fewer murders).

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