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Comment Re:Tesla naming like mercedes (Score 2) 155

And since I forgot to mention it, only in North America (and maybe China - but heck, they think Buick is prestigious over there) is Mercedes seen only as a prestige brand. In Europe, there are plenty of Mercedes rental cars and taxis. Inexpensive cars don't ruin a company's reputation - they provide capital to develop things like the next S-Class.

Comment Re:Tesla naming like mercedes (Score 1) 155

Mercedes has no X. That's BMW. They have the ML, the G, the GL, the CLS, the CLA, the A (non-US), the B (non-US), the C, the E, the S, the SL. Think that's all of em. They used to have an R class but they don't anymore (in the US at least - not sure if that was worldwide). They also used to have the CL but that's being replaced by the S Coupe. And there's the E Coupe which is really a C, and the C Coupe.

Comment Re:what a waste of time (Score 1) 139

I can type just fine on my iPad...Maybe because for a while I used one of those 10" netbooks so I'm used to typing on a smaller device? Yes, the lack of tactile feedback can be difficult to deal with at first but you get used to it. The only problem I run into is that sometimes I hit M instead of the spacebar. But that's easy enough to deal with with autocorrect/spell-check.

Comment Re:exactly the same as Blockbuster (Score 0, Troll) 371

They force you to pay for a new phone with a 2 year service plan whether you get one or not. So everyone gets their "free phone" (that they are already obligated to pay for), and they are also stuck with the same service provider for the next 2 years.

At least with T-mobile you can switch to another carrier. You can even sell your phone on ebay to try to recoup some of the costs if you don't want it anymore.

You do realize that you can buy unlocked GSM phones, purchase a SIM card from AT&T (and formerly T-Mobile) and use it without having to pay several hundred dollars up-front right? I've done that many times over the years. Ditto for purchasing a used or new CDMA device. You just call up the carrier and say you want to activate a device. You don't have to "pay for a new phone with a 2 year service plan whether you get one or not" as you say...

Comment Re:Why do you question that ruling? (Score 2) 433

How about because there's no law to use your integrated vehicle GPS, radio, talk to folks in the vehicle with you, turn around to bat at the twins fighting in the back seat, etc., all of which are just as potentially distracting? The law is very specific in what is and what is not illegal. Enforcement outside the bounds of the law is not OK. As it's already been stated, the law was felt so initially specific to only speaking on a phone that they had to add another law to ban text messaging. That speaks to the specific intent of the law, not to ban complete use of phones, but only to ban particular functions.

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