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Comment Does it? (Score 3, Informative) 167

Perhaps I missed it in the article, but it mentions nothing about marijuana or hand rolled cigarettes. It talks about real roses and silk roses. I suppose, in theory, it could do this, but I think it would tell what kinda of paper they used to roll the joint before it tells us whats inside the joint.

Comment Re:News Flash (Score 0) 383

What game or song have you played that only allows 5 times? Does your car keys work on more than 1 car?

Interestingly enough I know a couple guys that both have TransAms who, for whatever reason, tried their keys each others cars and it worked. They compared the keys to find the cuts were damn dear identical.

Comment the power of 5k words... (Score 0) 158

From the article: "People say that's a lot. Well, no, it isn't. English is a language with a million and a half words in it, an extra five thousand new ones isn't world-shattering news. So yes, there has been change as a result of technology as you'd expect, but it hasn't been... great as people think." I think they underestimate the magnitude of 5k new words. People typically know around 20k words. if they picked up 5k or even 2k of these new words, they either increased their vocabulary by 10% or replaced words they used previously.

Comment Re:green tech (Score 0) 54

I agree with your post for the most part, but the bit about the fast food industry making false claims with their billboards is a bit a of a stretch, At one point in my life I worked in fast food and I can tell you it is entirely possible to make the food look as good as the menu pictures and advertisements. It all depends on who is cooking. I for one made the food look like the pictures (it wasn't that difficult). What separates fast food from, say, politicians is that highschool kids don't care what they are doing. Politicians tend to tell out right lies.

Spanish City Sets Up Solar Cemetery 71

A Spanish city has found an unusual place to generate renewable energy — solar panels in the cemetery. Santa Coloma de Gramanet has installed 462 solar panels over its multi-story mausoleums. The plan was met with some derision at first, but thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the solar cemetery has public support. It has been such a success that there are already plans to install more panels in an effort to triple the amount of power generated. The installation cost 720,000 euros (£608,000) but will keep about 62 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year, said Esteve Serret, a director of Conste-Live Energy, the company that runs the cemetery and also works in renewable energy. I'm sure a solar powered zombie movie is already in the works.

The Comparative Value of 2-D Vs. 3-D Graphics In Games 107

GameSetWatch is running a feature discussing the value of graphics styles in games. The authors point out that while certain genres, such as first-person shooters, benefited immensely from the advent of 3-D graphics, some types of games didn't handle the transition as well. A player's perspective, and his interaction with the game's camera, can often make or break an otherwise excellent release. "Before making the full jump to 3D, many genres made a move from classic 2D to isometric 2D as an intermediary step. For example, the original Civilization had a traditional top-down grid view while Civ 2 had a three-quarters isometric view. While this new perspective gave the game world a more life-like appearance, the change did come at a cost to the user's game experience. Namely, distances are much more difficult to judge on an isometric grid as the east-west axis takes up twice as many pixels as the north-south axis. To solve this problem, for Civ 4, our 3D perspective actually hearkened back to the original game as we showed the game's grid straight ahead and not at an angle. The easier the players perceive the grid through the graphics, the better they can 'see' their possible decisions."

Submission + - Apple's $15 billion cash hoard

schmaustech writes: Pop quiz: Which tech company has the most cash?

(B) Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)
(C) Intel (INTC)
(D) Google (GOOG)
(E) Apple (AAPL)

If you picked E, congratulations. Apple's $15.4 billion stash is indeed the biggest of the group, putting the iPod maker in the elite ranks of well-heeled Fortune 500 tech companies. (Only Microsoft (MSFT) and Cisco Systems (CSCO) stockpile more.) And lately the stacks have been rising fast; Apple has added $5 billion to its coffers in the past year alone, according to regulatory filings.

Unlike Microsoft and Cisco though, Apple (AAPL) doesn't pay a dividend, doesn't make big acquisitions, and doesn't buy back many shares. Last month the company reported that since 1999, it has spent a relatively paltry $217 million to repurchase stock, though its board has authorized $500 million for that purpose.

So what does CEO Steve Jobs have in mind for all those greenbacks?

Submission + - Porn sites hold users hostage (

Technical Writing Geek writes: "Now comes a scheme some researchers say amounts to extortion: One site's threat to disable visitors' computers with relentless pop-up ads if they don't pay for a subscription they were automatically signed up for after a free trial.;_ylt="


Submission + - OS X Leopard now can natively load Windows Files.

Steven Edwards writes: "PE Files were rejected on Tiger but now can be loaded natively on Leopard, which is interesting to me because I don't think that this is just a hold over from EFI support because the behavior is new. I think it may be a sign of future addition of a Win32 subsystem to OS X. Check the following URLs for the detailed technical information.

I think this behavior may be a sign of a future addition of a Win32 subsystem to OS X. I think the powers that be at apple have decided that they are missing the pie that Parallels, VMware and CodeWeavers are getting. If you combine the value of all three products, I expect its adding up to a good chunk of change they view as "lost" every month. Having a system like Wine that runs in a clunky Classic like mode would mean better user tie-in than having to reboot with BootCamp."

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