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Comment Re:I like Python (Score 1) 997

I'm also aware that this is flameware territory, but I can't let some of those claims against my beloved Python go unanswered ...

Sometimes, on a continued line you might want to line the next one up with the open paren on the function call. Sometimes you might want to line it up with the second open paren.

Well, in Python, you don't need to use parens/braces around code blocks anyway. ;) But seriously, to counter that particular example, Python doesn't care where a continued line starts. Nonetheless I realise that the underlying message you put forward is that the intent of the code may not always match the formatting. And I agree. Python fails in this particular situation. But this particular situation occurs so rarely that it simply doesn't matter.

You can run it through a code prettifier. Try that with Python, and you could end up changing what your code does

But then a code prettifier that knows how to deal with Python code should be smart enough to not do anything to change the code's behaviour. Not to mention that if Python code compiles, then it's already pretty ;) (well, mostly, anyway)

Anyway, the point is, I am a total Python convert. It was definitely weird at first, but nowadays whenever I code in something that's not Python, it makes me cringe - every missed semicolon, every unmatched brace. Sure, I try to create matched pairs of braces as i go, and keep the formatting nice, but somehow it doesn't always work out as well as I planned. And frankly, I don't like distracting myself by having to worry about those kinds of things. I'd rather just debug the logic, not the syntax.

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