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Comment Re:New Zealand pays Warner Bros (Score 1) 123

Are you smoking something? $US25 million to secure a movie that will pump a very large percentage of close to $US700 million into the local economy, such as the building industry, catering, accommodation, transport and other ancillary areas is a damned good deal. Other countries were willing to pay a lot more, but it is clear that Warners and especially PJ wanted the movie filmed in NZ if at all possible. I just hope that Australian fuckhead Simon Whipp lives up to his promise and doesn't try and fuck around with the movie or he will have 4 million pissed off Kiwi's after his blood. the Aussie actors union have fucked up their industry and now it seems they were contemplating the same thing in NZ. An attempt by the US actors unions to try and drive the movie industry back to the US after FAG...sorry,. I mean SAG screwed up their own industry.

Comment This may come to be in the US but... (Score 1) 344

he will find that he will get a cricket bat to the face if he tries it in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or any other country that is more sensibly governed that the US.

I am hoping this will cause his whole media empire to crash and burn. That way we won't have to put up with his demeted, corrupt, senile twist on the news.

Comment No surprise there (Score 1) 684

Jobsientology doesn't give a flying fuck about their iPhone end customers. The only ones they care about are the ones lining their pockets year on end through the "exclusivity" scam. Buying an iPhone is the equivalent of handing Jobsientology a signed blank check and a signed document reading "I hearby agree to bend over, spread my ass cheeks as wide asd possible and consent to Apple jamming ever larger and ever rougher objects up my ass and I will scream "Thank You Oh High And Mighty Saviour Steven Jobs" each time until my throat is hoarse".

Submission + - Relive the Apollo 11 Lunar mission in realtime.

phlegmboy writes: The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum today announced an interactive new website to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing and President Kennedy's grand vision that made that achievement possible. will go live at 9:32 a.m. on July 16th, 2009 — exactly 40 years to the minute after the historic launch. The site, powered by AOL, will recreate Apollo 11's lunar mission, minute by minute, with an interactive experience that lets visitors experience the mission as it happened, using archival audio, video, photos and "real time" transmissions.

Comment Blizzard does not have a clue (Score 4, Insightful) 87

Blizzard does not have a clue about customer relations. I play Eve Online and there are a number of player developed applications such as Evemon and Eve Fitting Tool which not only have the name of the game in their title but make use of an API system developed by CCP that allows these apps to connect to the servers and get information such as currently training skills, assets and their locations, the status of research or ship, module or ammunition building jobs, etc. CCP also release a database which contains information on all the ships, modules, etc so that people that create the player made apps can have the correct information for the modules and ships, such as their bonuses, etc. The whole idea is to work with your player base rather than be a bunch of whiny bitches like Blizzard. Players will always try to create apps based around their MMOG. Blizzard should wake up to this and work with their player base (although I bet most of the "players" are nothing more than gold farmers), instead of against it.

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