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Journal Journal: Zeit. Zeitigeist?

Was talking to sierra on the fone, and she was talking about her lack of time to hang out.

And in the classic manner in which you come up with the perfect thing to say after the fact....

She apologized "I'm sorry for being, me."

And I responded: "That's ok, I forgive you."

I hope that wasn't some sort of horrible test that I failed, I'm big on forgiveness.

Give the chance to do it over I would have told her that I wouldn't have it any other way.

The french actually have a saying for this, it translates as "stairway wit." It is something you think of, as you are on the stairs making an egress...

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Journal Journal: Notacon Two, Notacon 2004, NotAnotherNotacon!!!!

Froggy got them to put a blurb for the Con on the front page here: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/03/30/2337235&tid=188

I added a bunch of ppl to my Slash-friends list, woot.

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Journal Journal: non-prophets

Some part of me cries out in glee at the events transpiring, and what roll Bush plays in the coming decade, the direction America(tm) is taking.

It's that 16 yr old anarchist, that just wants to see shit fucked up. I keep telling him, that his mail has been forwarded and he doesn't live here anymore. But every now and then an envelope addressed to him finds it's way to the hearth. And even though he has moved on, someone still opens and reads it.
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Journal Journal: ausgang

I've been administering file archives. And installing opera. Get grampie some DVD movies, Go visit him. Sun Microsystems, Inc. Binary Code License Agreement for the JAVATM 2 RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT (J2RE), STANDARD EDITION, VERSION 1.4.2_X
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Journal Journal: realization

You're a worthless academic, and you wouldn't survive on the street; if it wern't for your ability to shrug off morality and fall to your knees.
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Journal Journal: I'll never wake up

Do you ever wake up and say "Today I'm just a hairs breadth away from being emotionally fucked forever." Do you remember when it used to be not like that?
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Journal Journal: hurtful

The most hurtful thing you ever said to me was that I mad you feel like what you had to say was unimportant. It hurts me that I made you feel that way. Truthfully, I enjoyed every minute of your perspective. Every insight you shared me with I held onto it like a little treasure. I miss your outlook on things. Even as I drink this red wine, it's your taste, your touch on my lips I feel.
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Journal Journal: I can't sleep with stuff like this racing through my mind

I seriously get lost in your kiss my chest constricts and I'm all amiss lost in an abyss of inky blackness, I'm weightless, and dimensionless, as I lose consciousnes my last fleeting rembrences is your tenderness my synapses do backflips I'm ecstatic it's magic, the static spark where we touch it's not much, it's everything, consuming looming over me embracing my frame fires rage that can't be tamed i'm exploding and the light peers off in the distance and I'm left alone again inky blackness, I'm weightless, my memory lends dimension, as I lose conciousness
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Journal Journal: ...It's gone

I lost my mind. No, not like recently I must have lost it a long time ago But I only now realized it Maybe it's been the isolation But the further along it goes The less like I feel like I can be around normal People ... A normal girl
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Journal Journal: wired wrong

I was the happiest guy in the world. And then the world ended.
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Journal Journal: sighday

I wonder if you think I told you I love you to try and keep you...

Nope. I just wanted to tell you before you left.
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Journal Journal: Bit by a bee

So I don't know if I woke up because I felt the yello-jacket on my hand. Or if I woke up, and then moved, and spooked it. I think it was sitting on my hand cause it was warm, they're getting into my room somehow, but it's cold and they get very lethargic. So I got bit, as soon as I woke up, all bleary-eyed, way confused, freaked out... I vacuumed up all the dead yellow-jackets that had been on the window sill and ground, I don't think they're getting in via the window, I think maybe there is a hole under the radiator... Well if they are being attracted by the chemical smell of their dead brethern, that will cease. My hand is sore like when you get a booster shot in the arm, that kinda deep-muscle weird soreness, alas, it wasn't that bad.
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Journal Journal: rook

What good is it if your family treats you like a princess, if it's just a ploy to keep you locked in the castle tower...
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Journal Journal: muse

I tried to tell myself I was glad you were out of my life. Mournful that you were out of my life. But happy, that I didn't have that feeling looming over me anymore. Always brooding over me, that I knew that one day you would just suddenly never talk to me ever again. the fact that that dread is gone makes me happy. except you haven't truely walked out on me. Because the footsteps you've tread remind me that you were here once.

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