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Comment Re:Programming lesson (Score 1) 194

A wise man once said... well I can't remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of "Wisdom starts with humility". If you can't laugh at yourself than thats something you should work on. Recognising your shortfalls is the first step to overcoming them.

And another wise man said: "If someone can't take a joke - fuck it" (Tucker Max).
A little rude, but you can't be fun, honest and polite at the same time. I (like him) prefer tossing the politeness out.

Comment Re:Commerce IS deceit (Score 1) 604

And it is called economics. Which stems from the law of nature - survival of the fittest. If you manage to deceive the others to give you resources you survive, the others do not. If you manage to detect the lie you (and the honest ones) survive, the lier does not. It was always like that, and will be only on a different level as we evolve.

Comment Re:mother nature (Score 1) 260

As for the antibacterial soaps - they are effective only for a certain type of bacteria. The result is that these soaps kill around 10% of the bacteria on your hands. The only effective way of getting rid of bacteria is with alcohol - which would kill around 90% of the bacteria on your hands. A simple explanation here:


Comment Re:Because they are supposed to be hard to tell .. (Score 1) 849

i.e. in a car; there is plenty of extraneous sound to mask most limitations of compressed audio;

The luxury cars and some mid-class models are very well sound isolated. I agree that the dynamics are not that important, but there are other effects that are clearly distinguishable - for example the high frequency filtering in MP3.

Comment Re:Do they mean a black hole or a singularity? (Score 1) 314

To escape the black hole sun once you were, say, 3.1 km away, you would need to somehow achieve a speed near to the speed of light, which we simply can't do.

Seems the term "escape velocity" is somewhat misinterpreted by many people.
It is actually not needed to achieve the escape velocity. If you manage to achieve and keep up a speed different than zero, in a direction outwards of the center of the object you will "escape" its gravitational field.

Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 1) 978

The quantity of food is important, but the quality and balance are more important, as it turns out.
Let's take the only scientifically and statistically proven diet I have heard of - the Zone Diet. What Dr. Sears recommends is - eat the right protein/carb ratio in each meal and your body will go into fat burning mode (with all the benefits of this). As for the quantity - there is a formula to calculate how much proteins you must intake for the day. It turned out that it is hard for me to eat that MUCH food. And, I still eat the same tasty stuff I eat before, just shifting a little the ratio to the proteins.

P.S. Man, the donuts taste like rancid shit.

Comment Re:PEBAAC (Score 1) 1146

I totally disagree. My current car (Citroen C5) has a drive-by-wire throttle and it is a very unpleasant experience to drive it. There is like 0.5 - 1 second delay in the reaction of the throttle. This leads to difficult starting (especially on a slope), revving up while changing gears and so on. I am already used to the slowness and I manage to drive smoothly, but I do not like the feeling anyway.
Of course there may be some problem with my car. I got it diagnosed by my dealer and they assured me everything is OK and this is normal. It is hard for me to believe that the computer inside is too slow ;), so I guess this behavior is intentional.

Comment Re:Android GPS - works for US only (Score 1) 439

Therefore the only practically viable option unless you don't care how much you spend on your phone costs is by using an offline solution like a Tom-tom or Garmin device.

Or use software for a smartphone with pre-loaded maps. The only disadvantage I can think of is the low accuracy the smartphone's GPS chips have.

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