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Comment Re:hallelujah ! (Score 2, Interesting) 491

Oh noes! My feelings are hurt! I'll quote it again (even though you did):

"Well that's the point of the factionalisation and faux-rivalry of US politics, isn't it? To get people so divided into their allegiance to a party name that you can then pull the same shit with either party and only 50% of the people will complain whilst the rest are obliged to rationalise it somehow."

My question is how is Obama "pulling the same shit?" If you can answer that, you'll kick my ass in this discussion.

Comment Re:hallelujah ! (Score 1) 491

That's fine, but I guess my point is they are attempting to make this an equivalent of the war in Iraq. Which is just plain stupid. Essentially the point the parent to my post is making (ambiguously) is "Bush invaded Iraq and everyone bitched, but Obama is doing 'military stuff' like associating NASA and DOD and he gets a free pass."

Comment Re:Undertones of another Cold War (Score 1) 491

I've always said that they were a much smarter "opponent" than the USSR. They aren't afraid to try new things if it gives them some leverage. And they aren't afraid to skimp on their political doctrine if they are better off for it. People have been predicting this kind of "competition" with China for years, possibly even decades. But very few have been listening.

Comment Re:Music Sucks (Score 1) 673

Old Metallica fan here. It's strange but, they actually had a few good ones on load and reload, but the albums overall were not great. Take for instance "Until it sleeps." I recall watching it at 19 when it came out, the video was retarded and lame. About a decade later I learned that the song was about cancer. Listening to it again I was surprised by the depth that it had. I think they needed a better video - like the One video. Something more inline with the message in the song. I guess I don't have a point but it seems more like they went to hit and miss rather than pure fail after the black album. I think the black album was pure fail though.

Submission + - Feds halt best medical practices program (

modapi writes: Even common medical procedures can have their success rates dramatically improved by having doctors use checklists. But the Fed's Office for Human Research Protections of the Department of Health & Human Services has halted the practice, claiming the checklists are actually "human subject research" requiring informed consent. ZDnet's Robin Harris comments

"Human subject research requires the patient's informed consent for good reason. But once a "best practice" is defined, asking patients if they want it is, in effect, giving them the option to accept substandard care. How would this work in the ICU? I can see it now: Researcher: "Ms. At-Death's-Door? I need your informed consent for some human subject research. We're requiring doctors to perform procedures correctly by using checklists. You can also opt for our standard level of ineptitude."

He includes contact info and a suggested letter for people who want better health care practice.

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