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Submission + - Going from floor to screen......managing my work.

phillips321 writes: "Every week I have to write documents comprising of lots of terminal output, nmap, sslscan, etc... These documents usually grow quite large in size and I find it hard work to know where I am. I feel much more comfy if i could print off every page and spread them all over the floor in order for me to view the "whole picture". This isn't practicle or friendly to the environment but sometimes is the only way I can manage my work. How can I make managing my work easier?"

Submission + - Email etiquette: Will it ever catch up with sms?

phillips321 writes: "Sometimes we have to wonder on the etiquette of communication methods. At the moment my cellphone has many different methods for this, phone, sms, mms, email, etc... No business will dare call or sms me in the middle of the night yet they see no problem with sending me an email.
When will businesses realize that we now have different methods and that the same sort of rules should apply to all?"

Submission + - How do i manage growing pages of code?

phillips321 writes: "Learning to program has been a very enjoyable experience. Learning to program properly and efficiently is the hard part. When programming I often find code seems to grow and grow in size and becomes quite unmanageable, difficult for newcomers to pick-up and rather fixed in what can be changed. The code is constantly growing as new features are added and code is optimised. I know object oriented programming helps to split code into "bite-sized-chunks" but what unique ways do you manage code that's growing in size? Each time I come back to a piece of code I feel I have to learn the code all over again to be able to work with it, seems like a lot of wasted time to me?"

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