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Comment BT5r2 doesn't have deb build yet - it's here (Score 3, Informative) 45

Shameful plug here guys.
I've compiled the sources earlier this morning into deb packages for those that want to play with it without building from source (building from source will confuse the system and you might not get updates). Both i386 and amd64 versions working on BT5 r2 here.

Comment Re:WEP (Score 1) 584

Thankgod someone here understands the arty of wifi cracking.
But from the looks of things this guy is a douchbag, if he is dumb enough to get caught i also guess he was dumb enough to use a replay attack in order to gather enough IVs. I guess he was also dump enough to connect to the network with his hardware MAC address rather than a cloned address from the target network. I guess his hostname was also something dumb like "BarrysLaptop".

For those out there wishing to do this take precaution!
  • Use bootable usb stick for all hacking (and quickly swallow if feds show up)
  • When sniffing for WEP IVs or WPA handshake do so without inbjectng traffic
  • Change mac address to one that target network is already using
  • Change hostname to match targets machine
  • If using backtrack then ensure HTTP get requests match that of the targets machine: if target use Internet explorer and all your requests come from Firefox on a linux host it's pretty obvious is was spoofed.
  • ALL IN ALL DONT DO IT! If you have a problem with the neighbour just speak to him like a normal human being over a cold can of beer

Comment Re:2 weeks for a WEP? (Score 3, Interesting) 584

Ummm, WEP requires enough IVs to crack, either through sniffing the network and capturing IVs (slowly) or by using a replay attack against the router in order to massively speed up the IV collection process.
WPA on the otherhand can be performed offline once the 4 way handshake as been captured.... (Which can be optained by waiting for a valid client to connect or by de-authing the clients and then capturing the handshake once they reconnect)

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