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Submission + - Vista startup sound composed on a Mac

Phanatic1a writes: At a trade show for professional composers, a member of the team which composed the sounds for Windows Vista let slip that he is "generally most comfortable working with a Mac Pro, usually on Encore or Sibelius. They're available for PC, but I need a stable operating environment to avoid distraction, particularly when working on long-term projects like the Windows Vista music." When pressed further, he admitted that the entire Windows Vista composition team worked exclusively on iMacs and Mac Pros. Another member of the team stated, upon a guarantee of anonymity, that "I mean, they're both good systems. I personally wouldn't let a Vista computer into my house, but that's just me. I'm sure PCs have their uses, just as Macs have their uses. Can't we all just get along?"

Submission + - Apple Orders Music Night to Cease and Desist

Sonic Engineer writes: "iPod Monday, a night at Des Moines, Iowa bar The Lift, has been asked by Apple to cease and desist using the iPod name. iPod Monday allows patrons to bring in their iPods (or other digital music players) with 15 minute playlists and play them over the bar's sound system. The curator of iPod Monday, Clint Curtis, asked Apple repeatedly for use of the name, and sent Apple updates on the night's homepage, The night has run for approximately two years with Apple's knowledge. It has generated a lot of free publicity for Apple in the area, so why shut it down? Full story at icle?AID=/20070209/ENT/702090400&lead=1"

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