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Comment Silver lining (Score 1) 534

If other sites start doing this, it will help in some ways. Sure, we'll see some shitty ads, but instead of today where you use an adblocker that intercepts scripts and hides images that are loaded into the DOM after page load, all on the front end... the ads will load on the server-side and be a lot faster. Poorly implemented ads are the main reason pages take so long to load, even ad blocker can't actually stop many of them from loading, so we'll get faster sites. Sucks to have to look at ads though.

Comment Re:Rugby for doped sissies (Score 2) 67

I am reposting this as a non-AC:
I have seen Rugby. I went to the University of Stellenbosch for a semester. The US Maties won the national Championship in South Africa. I also went to Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas. The TTU RedRaiders never were good enough to win the national title, but they were good at the time.
Not a SINGLE rugby player on the Maties could have made the squad at Texas Tech. The Red Raiders had a tight end that was 260 pounds that was faster than ANYONE (even the speedy wings) on the rugby team.
The physical talent in terms of speed & strength is a million times better in American football, obviously not in endurance though.

Comment Re:What a crock of bullsh!t! (Score 1) 204

You don't know what you are talking about. Your comment is bullsh!t. People won't be taking many 41/38 Megapixel images. People will mostly be taking 8 megapixel images with the 808.

1. Gorilla Glass - won't scratch under normal human usage. Dust can be wiped off, even if you don't, a dusty lens 808 pic is 100X better than a dusty lens Droid whatever camera pic.

2. Have you used past nokia high-end cameraphones? I have a Nokia N8 (the immediate predecessor of the 808) and I rarely have problems with camera shake. This is not some crap digital camera which takes a half second to capture an image. Also, the touch screen shutter works great, and a brush from a fingertip works there if you don't want to push the physical top buttom for that reason.
The Xenon flash on the N8 holds up well, Nokia has used them for years. Very few complaints. I'd imagine the 808's flash is more efficient.

3. Yup, #3 is a problem. But once again, a shrunken 808 image will look crystal clear compared a shrunken other-model image. Also, facebook does allow you to upload higher res images if you go into the settings. You can always use google+ or any of the other photo-sharing sites.

What cell network are you on? The sampled 5 meg image is no bigger than any average 5 megapixel image. I uploaded one this morning in 40 seconds. On t-Mobile, hardly the fastest US network.

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