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Submission + - TCP/IPv4 versus SCTP/IPv6

phess writes: "I've been reading about IPv6 [wikipedia] (and especially the related links [wikipedia]) and was introduced to SCTP [wikipedia] in the FreeBSD 7 release notes [FreeBSD.org]. So, now I wonder how SCTP/IPv6 could change the web in the future, if and when it eventually replaces TCP/IPv4 and UDP/IPv4. Any hints?"
Linux Business

Submission + - Xandros acquires Scalix (linuxmagazine.com.br)

phess writes: "After establishing a still secret contract with Asus for US$ 15 million (for 5 million Intel's Classmate PC licenses), Xandros acquired groupware solution maker Scalix for a value still unrevealed. More details should come throughout the day."

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