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Submission + - HP Spinning off WebOS and Exiting Hardware Busines

Unknown Lamer writes: "A number of readers submitted rumors about a few announcements HP was to make today. Now that has actually happened and the news looks grim. For starters they are exiting the tablet and phone market and repositioning webOS for use in appliances and vehicles. They also confirmed they are in talks to acquire Autonomy. Finally, they are considering exiting the PC hardware business entirely in order to focus on their software business."

Submission + - Linux FUD: The Greatest Hits (

jfruhlinger writes: "Linux is a cancer! SCO is unstoppable! The GPL consumes everything it touches! These and other bits of FUD have been thrown at Linux over the years, and it's a tribute to the ecosystem's survival that we can laugh about them now. Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin outlined history's greatest instances of Linux FUD in his LinuxCon keynote. (He also provided a list of "This is the year of the Linux desktop" quotes going back to 2005.)"

Submission + - HP could sell off PC unit; buy Autonomy for $10B ( 3

coondoggie writes: "Hewlett-Packard could be close to spinning off its PC unit and spending $10 billion to buy software-maker Autonomy, according to a Bloomberg News report today. Reuters says Hewlett-Packard may announce the plans as early as today as the company is set to report quarterly earnings after markets close."

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