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Comment Re:It's contagious, all right (Score 1) 627

My quantum spins are all out of whack, my cardio-tributaries are inflamed and my brain hurts when the light flickers. Thankfully I found a great OTC drug, Orthoflombonestaprilaminax (sounds legit). Side effects may include the jitters, stomach involution, weightlessness, anal retention, the hiccups, cerebral flatulence, blinking too much, and an inner ear disorder you've probably never heard of, it makes the world feel 90 degrees on its side.

Submission + - Who Runs the World? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Swiss economic researchers have analyzed the most powerful transational corporations and they find that a "super entity" of 147 corporations controls 40% of the corporations (in a network of >600,000 nodes!). Most of these are financial! Now we know who is really the boss on Planet Earth.

Comment Re:Two seasons... (Score 1) 454


Ahh the sure sign of a follower. Do you really need to sound like some douche on the jersey shore to say 'me too!'

Ahh, the sure sign of a snob. Do you really need to sound pompous and pretentious to point out all the vernacular quips of people translating their impulsive thoughts into an equally impulsive comment, which you don't actually care about in the first place? You mad bro?

Comment EE (Score 1) 3

Im dual majoring in Computer and Electrical engineering now (NROTC, following big footsteps) and I would recommend whichever major has a 'control systems' concentration. For me, thats EE here, but it may be CE somewhere else. This track gives me a mathematical background to model both analogue and digital systems. Im fairly mechanical myself (jus pulled the engine of my truck today) and have been interested in HMI and human control of machines and the control systems classes that I've had have been eye-opening. CE still takes the cake for most applicable with the amount of uController and compute/network classes ive taken/will take. These days, any decent EE/CE/SE program will involve enough digital background to complement a ME very well.
Good luck with your education and thank you for your service!

Comment Re:Buffalo shipping with open source DD-WRT firmwa (Score 1) 322

when comes down to quality of material, yea, 1-yr is nothing. But mine has been working as it some, thats a plus. I've also been playing around with it thinking i'm a h@XX4r and been able to not screw anything up. It's not given me any crap and I'm usually pretty picky about consumer tech giving me crap/being difficult to deal with.

Comment Re:Buffalo shipping with open source DD-WRT firmwa (Score 1) 322

I don't mean complete arts-major-level 'n00b' but as 4th year EE/CE, I haven't actually had experience with evaluating and implementing legitimate security systems, I just know that with MAC whitelisting, WPA2-PSK, access scheduling, MAC/IP-tied Admin account, local DHCP grant control, a troll SSID, and many other tools I don't know how to use completely, its better than the routers I've dealt with before (linksys, etc). With my experience, it's enough to give me a pretty good illusion of security.

Comment Re:Just upgrade to a tablet OS... (Score 1) 195

I pretty sure 3.* was designed to be more compatible with tablets, not to say that it is not compatible with phones. If the 3.0 interfaces turned out to be the same as 2.3 on phones, than I wouldn't see much reason to upgrading to an experimental, closed OS when 2.3 is doing fine (save for this lawsuit).

Submission + - Troll Facebook with Skype keyword grouping (

phatphoton writes: Facebook has started grouping statuses by keyword. This has been spread across at least some variations on the phrase 'Happy Birthday' and the keyword 'Skype' letting all kinds of trollolololing on facebook. I find this odd and slightly revealing of how much data facebook actually has on you and your friends.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 937

If you excite inter atomic movement with heat, would that also have anything to do with free neutrons from transient fissions? I know the temperature (density) of water can change the fast neutrons in a pressurized water reactor to regulate the reactions, could the same thing be happening in thorium? Has anybody looked at phase states for thorium? Maybe it changes its crystal structure at a specific temperature...imagine, a magic material that has a crystal state that is dense enough for rapid internal fission at only a specific relatively low temperature!

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 2) 937

I believe when they say that there aren't nuclear reactions going on, I think they mean super-critical reactions. Thorium is radio active meaning there are natural decays happening already. I am no nuclear engineer, but by heating it or disturbing it with something (a laser) you could advance the bell curve of atoms of thorium with enough energy to produce a nuclear reaction far enough ahead to produce heat. Therefore thorium might be serving as a laser-energy to heat energy converter with an efficiency of >100%. Now that I've pulled that out of my ass, can anybody back me up?

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