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Owners Smash iPhones To Get Upgrades, Says Insurance Company 406

markass530 writes "An iPhone insurance carrier says that four in six claims are suspicious, and is worse when a new model appears on the market. 'Supercover Insurance is alleging that many iPhone owners are deliberately smashing their devices and filing false claims in order to upgrade to the latest model. The gadget insurance company told Sky News Sunday that it saw a 50-percent rise in claims during the month Apple launched the latest version, the iPhone 3GS.'"

Comment It occurs to me... (Score 1) 1721

...that he's had a substantial impact on international relations and the way we think about race in this country simply by being the first black person (or even first not-plain-old-white person elected to the presidency of this country). That's a major accomplishment in the vein of MLK Jr. in itself.
Don't get me wrong, I was surprised; I think everyone was. I'd like to see some significant progress in re-thinking the drug war and marriage equality before deciding one way or the other about him.
But it's not my prize. If you don't like it, get your own internationally prestigious peace prize and give it to someone else.

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