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Comment Try to look at the big picture (Score 1) 1033

I can't believe some of the ridiculous comments being posted here.

For some reason, people think that Intel has a responsibility to all the tech workers who are losing their jobs...they absolutely do not. Intel has a responsibility for one thing only...producing their chip products as effectively and as cheaply as possible. Since when did people stop viewing them as a company who sold products and started thinking they had a responsibility to employ a certain segment of the world population?

Intel, believe it or not, is not doing this to take away people livelyhoods. They don't cut American jobs for the sake of cutting American jobs. Every idiot can say how the CEO is pocketing the savings from outsourcing. Do you know who else is pocketing the savings? Me. And you. And everyone else who uses a computer with an Intel processor. Because the processors are cheaper when you cut the costs, yes, even when you do it by outsourcing. And THAT is good for the economy, as technology prices go down, more people have access to it, including poorer segments of the population who can now use computers as learning tools.

People forget that saying you are "competitive" doesn't just mean that the company and CEO makes more means that they are competitive with price.

I have no problem whatsoever with outsourcing. I'm an undergraduate computer science major at MIT right now, so it's not like I have no connection to what happens in the IT industry. But I also had the perspective of running an IT business before coming to college. I would often need some work done by contractors, and guess what. American companies charged more and were less flexible. I contacted instead a company in India. Those guys were willing to make changes without complaint whenever I needed them, and they worked twice as hard to get the project done.

I had no problem giving my business to them. I don't have this narrow view of people as either Americans or Indians. Only as other hard working human beings, and if I like how somebody does business with me, I will do business with them. It's that simple. I suppose I'm a benedict arnold too. But I was also able to charge my American client less for the project because of the lower costs.

People always have a narrow view when things like this go on. When manufacturing got outsourced many decades ago, people cried the same things about this "house of cards" collapsing because American consumers would no longer have jobs so they couldn't buy any of the products the American companies were producing. Well look what happened. The decades following saw the biggest economic growth in the history of the world. America saw unprecedented prosperity. New ideas in technology created wealth and prosperity. Can you imagine what would have happened had we protected all the manufacturing and agricultural workers who could no longer compete with their overseas counterparts? People would not have found another way to be innovative, create products with value. It's a good thing we didn't, because many of those people who would have been working in those jobs are now working in more productive, higher paying capacities that benefit the American economy more.

It is the essence of the capitalistic system that people are losing their jobs and having to find new ways to create wealth. As painful as it is, people who lose their jobs inevitably find other ways to add value to the American economy, start new companies, create new technology, etc. If we were all comfortable, with a job that did the same thing year in and year out, and had the knowledge that we could be there as long as we would like, then there would no longer be that impetus for innovation and new ideas. Capitalism means that we can never rest easy and feel complacent...we must be uncomfortable, always looking for new ways to retool ourselves or create jobs. It was a blessing that those lower quality jobs such as manufacturing were only forced us to create the most prosperous nation this world has ever seen. And I guarantee you, IT outsourcing aside, Americans will see even greater levels of prosperity for years to come.

As long as you keep thinking, and innovating.

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