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Comment Shadows still not solved (Score 4, Insightful) 87

One of the things that struck me in this video is that shadows still are very problematic. When the shadow is adjusted manually, flickering faces on the rock appear, and on the face, they don't move smoothly either. Quality of reflections / refraction is hard to judge in this scene. All in alll this is just another high-detail demo that emphasizes the fact that we're stuck in terms of rendering quality; engine complexity goes through the roof, but returns are diminishing. Looking forward to the era of path tracing.

Submission + - Students create real-time ray traced Pinball game (

phantomus writes: "Students of the Dutch game course IGAD created an open source pinball game using a real-time ray tracer for it's graphics. That means: Plenty of reflections and refractions, and accurate shadows. Or, as someone put it: "Looks like a real-time pre-rendered pinball table!". Real-time ray tracing on consumer hardware has matured quite a bit over recent years, and this game shows it doesn't take a Larrabee to have some ray tracing in your games today. Beware though, graphics quality is not yet what you would expect from a GPU, and neither is the frame rate."

Comment Consider studying in the Netherlands (Score 1) 324

Did you ever consider studying in the Netherlands? We have a nice program here, called IGAD (International Game Architecture & Design). There's a visual art specialisation and a programming specialisation. 75% of the staff is 'foreign', and so the language is English. 90% of the staff has 10 years or more of game industry experience. And, best of all: Studying in the Netherlands is cheap. Check here: . (end of shameless plug)

Comment Ray tracing in games (Score 1) 120

At the NHTV university of applied sciences, IGAD department, we are researching the use of ray tracing in games. Two student teams are working on proof-of-concept games using the technology. You can read about findings so far in my paper on real-time ray tracing in the context of games, on and . There's also a real-time demo that shows what a modern PC can do.

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