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Comment Get outside for a walk! (Score 5, Insightful) 480

(been working from home for 6 years...)

You don't realize how much you walk during the day until your office is 20 feet from your bedroom. I find it helps immensely to take a quick walk in the morning, lunchtime, and after work to clear my head. Also... you don't realize how much "de briefing" you go through on your drive home. You still need to do that instead of jumping right into family/kid/dinner time. Maybe not as long, but something to detox...

And lastly, if you've got wife/kids at home, it will be an adjustment for *everyone* and can take a long (6mo - 1yr) to get used to.

Comment Re:NO TYPING! (Score 1) 204

You have to type it in the first time -- unless they sent you an email. So.... type it in wrong. Send off an email. Oops. Now it's in your mail app's magical "previous recipients" list. Update your official contact list. Send them another email. But your mail app decides to use the previous recipient entry since it's "more recent" (or whatever) than your official contact entry. Unless you click on the person's name to verify the updated address you'll never know and another misdirected email is sent.

In my experience a much bigger problem is folks who deal with a lot of third party contacts... John Smith at CompanyA and John Smyth at CompanyB. The user starts typing "John" and lets it auto complete. Maybe they even see the first "Sm" and assume it's good. And off the email goes to the wrong people. When I worked in IT I'd get frantic calls from people asking if I could stop an email from going out because they'd realize it just after sending it...

Comment Re:How many keys left in a few years? (Score 1) 391

How do you delete right of the cursor instead of left?.... Already, Page Up/Down and Home/End are gone on many notebook keyboards, making simple stuff like select to the start/end of line (Shift-Home / Shift-End) too clumsy to be useful when you need to hold a third Fn key simultaneously. And selecting to the end of the document becomes almost impossible.

x, ctrl-b, ctf-f, ^, $, and G :-)

Comment Re:I welcome our OS IX overlords (Score 1) 349

I predict that about the time OSX runs out of big cat names, Microsoft will jump on the big cat bandwagon and release Windows Garfield. Millions of dollars will be spent marketing it, Odie will replace Clippy, and after selling hundreds of copies, Microsoft will declare it a success[1]

[1] in relation to the Kin.

Comment Re:Attention overload! (Score 1) 468

In my limited experience 7/hour is on the low side. The one teen I see regularly txt's so much that sometimes it can be impossible to have a conversation with him at all. I remember once asking to see his phone (it was new at the time) and I had to give it back 2-3 times a minute because it kept beeping.

I also remember being in a room with him and three of his friends. They all had their phones out. Heads down. Txt'ing like crazy. I wasn't paying a lot of attention. Then they all laughed at once. And it dawned on me they were txt'ing each other. IN THE SAME ROOM.

I don't know how they do it.


Submission + - Open source tools for Video Editing (

linuxaria writes: As seen in a previous article on audio, there are many excellent open source tool to create professional solutions. Today I want to do a roundup on the video editing and show you some of the best open source software available for Linux to do video editing. if you know other software, feel free to drop me a note on the comments.
VideoLan Movie Creator

Comment Re:Jet Engine - stop tailgating me (Score 1) 789

It only takes three cars... or two cars and a deer. Traffic might be light, but either the car in the lane next to you loses it and swerves in front of you or a deer jumps out... you'd like to hit your brakes, but now you're just gonna get slammed from the rear as well. I would argue that the car behind *is* in your way. I was taught to always keep a "space cushion" around you and to always know "which way is out" if things get messy. Having a tailgator removes one of those ways out.

That all aside... not tailgating helps reduce stop and go traffic...

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