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Comment Re:No need to buy them... (Score 2, Informative) 825

This happens at my home at least once a month, let me explain.

They offer to put a sign in your yard and give you a free system in hopes your neighbors see it and sign up. What they don't say is the free system is always free (and is of matching quality) and you will end up paying exactly the same as your neighbors soon enough.

The comment below mine illustrates why I never speak to these people. When I see them coming I sit my dog at the door and answer with 'I am not interested can't you read the sign'. I then snap my fingers slightly behind my back just as they start to talk signaling Shep to leap forward and growl, they NEVER stay.

Comment Excuse me... (Score 1) 461

but why exactly is the FCC telling companies what to do, or for that matter what we want? Perhaps this is why we have a 12 trillion deficit. Its not the FCC's job to make sure we all have internet. It's their job to make sure the internet we do have is fair. This is just another piece of job security masquerading as good intentions.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure (Score 1, Insightful) 554

Come now that's the problem with affermative action and equal opportunity both. They are great ideas and as a white male in his late 20's I feel sort of bad when I look around and see 80% of the jails filled with minorities. But then I realize something. I did not put them there. I feel kind of bad when I see the black men panhandeling at the grocery store. Then I realize, I woke up early for the last 5 years took a shower put on some respectable cloths and went either to work or to find work. I did not create that 40 year old wino that keeps asking me for 'jus a lil change bro'. If you feel sorry for them you help them I am to busy keeping my house and food on my table to give a rats ass about anyone who wont help themselves.

Say what you want about slavery, it was horrible but don't ever blame me or my people. Every man in this great country is free and equal. Every man in this great country is also responsible for his own well being.

It is high time we as Americans realize we can't make reparations for every bad thing that happens to everyone. Kids will die, people will hate you whether your black brown or poke-a-dot, and the sun will rise again.

Comment Re:At Law School... (Score 0, Flamebait) 569

Well there sparky, two reasons off the top of my head. I would find it quite rude for you to take out your cell phone and interrupt with a 'shook-a-snap' every time I drew a graph or tried to explain plancs constant to 50 other snot nosed punks who want the easy way out. Also do you really think taking a 3mp picture of my whiteboard time-line of civil war battles is efficient? Maybe you should just _KEEP_UP_

Comment Re:Finally! Youtube in China! (Score 1) 235

As shutdown said below you don't start with the tanks. I wouldn't even start with armed forces. Go after politcal figures then when they board up behind the military you give them a choice, fire on their own unarmed countrymen or step aside.

Of course you will have mixed results but once the PRC issues orders to fire on unarmed civilians then it quickly becomes a human rights atrocity and other country will then have a reason to help.

I guess part of my point is if the majority of the citizens are unwilling to make a sacrifice now to change their own future why should anyone else roll that ball for them?

When we told the crown to F off most of us realized it wasn't going to happen without huge losses but we knew that we no longer wanted to be oppressed and we knew even if we didn't live to see it our children would.

Comment Re:Finally! Youtube in China! (Score 1) 235

I hate being the one to play devils advocate, and I am by no means a fan of China or censorship but I want to pose a question to the class.

Why? I live in America. I hate seeing people held down because we have thus far been afforded great freedoms albeit at great personal costs. Can the 1.3billion Chinese not have there own revolution? Yes, yes I know they can't even legally read about ours but if the majority of them is still content why do we feel the need to exacerbate the situation.

Bonus question, definitely biased though: And if it is okay for us to do this is Hilary Clinton really the one we want rattling the chains?

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