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Submission + - Gmail Down

MadLag writes: "It seems that GMail is down throughout a large part of the planet.
Can you access Gmail any more ?"

Submission + - Gmail Down

f0rk writes: Gmail is down again. It gives visitors a "500 Server Error, Please try again in 30 seconds."

Comment No more VGA please. DVI for all and everything (Score 1) 509

Surprising to me nobody suggested that one yet. It annoys the crap out of me every time I see our latest purchase from 2007. Optiplex computers together with shiny Ultrasharp displays. Connected analog because someone in purchasing forgot to add the PCI Riser Card together with the DVI Addin Card. His fault maybe but how comes DVI simply isn't standard? Make people pay for the adapter if they really want to screw their eyes by using a analog flatpanel display instead of one with dvi input. -> I_incl_DVID_for__everything__please - Vote Am I the only that notices a difference between analog and digital signal at 1280 * 1024?

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