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Comment Re: The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 4, Informative) 527

Are you absolutely out of your mind? Seriously, look at your options, complete censorship vs not. This administration has clearly shown you their roadmap and you still are willing to accept this? I am truly beside myself when I see how easily people are willing to give in to complete control and regulation, how this US administration uses supremacy and somehow convinced you it is tolerance. Do you know why the Internet "blew up"? It was a LACK of regulation. I don't like all of the things that Donald Trump stands for however he is a capitalist, not a socialist, not a communist or a fascist. I think we have had it far too easy for some reason we become completely lazy and prefer to be taken care of rather than getting our hands dirty, sweaty in a little bit and doing some actual work, but I digress. Regulation is control, regulation is not thinking for yourself, regulation is admitting you're not capable and regulation is a way of not taking responsibility for your actions. You may want someone to garner your free speech, but I don't and I think if you realized and thought about it a little bit further than just this election you might feel differently.

Comment Re: So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

You can't see it, it's 2-4 generations away, out of your sight, You have to think long term. Cars will eventually be too costly to own and operate, you can be sure of it. The business model of ride sharing sucks now, due to the cost of the idiot behind the wheel, why would they (those ride sharing companies) be so quick to lose money and stay in the red? The owners and every other company know that jockeying for position now will set them up for life. Your kids grandchildren will not know what it means to pick up and go on a road trip across the country or otherwise. They won't own a car, their grandparents might have one in the garage (hehe "Red Barchetta") , but drive it? No. Everyday there is an article out there about self driving cars, autonomous vehicles, robot this and robot that, it's hype, it's the greatest thing, right? Not.

Comment Re: These idiots are going to ruin it for everyone (Score 1) 132

RC enthusiasts have managed this for years without problem. All we need is DHS to follow up on some of these calls, they always manage to find the laser pointer kiddies.. Slap them wirh a day in jail and a $1000 fine and the next time they are caught its 30 days in the slammer and a felony. This is not a big issue. It's minimal. They aren't following up on the sightings they aren't even taking them seriously so why should we take them seriously I don't even take a circle seriously the whole bunch of rhetoric. I agree they are attempting the balloon this up make it sound larger than what it really is regulation simply means licensing licensing simply means money in revenue this and only this is the most important thing on a politicians mind not safety. This kind of stuff usually just boils down to commonsense which average American seems to lack these days. ST earlier hobbyist really had no problem with this and also this article doesn't list any specific sightings. If you think it's bad right now you just wait till Amazon and Google start using these things. That is what's going to edge out the amateur enthusiasts.

Comment Re: What's the reason? (Score 1) 132

RC enthusiasts have managed this for years without problem. All we need is DHS to follow up on some of these calls, they always manage to find the laser pointer kiddies.. Slap them wirh a day in jail and a $1000 fine and the next time they are caught its 30 days in the slammer and a felony. This is not a big issue. It's minimal. They aren't following up on the sightings they aren't even taking them seriously so why should we take them seriously I don't even take a circle seriously the whole bunch of rhetoric.

Comment Capabilities (Score 1) 1

Spot on. Technology has been a part of the manufacturing process for some time. You can easily attribute quality product as the consistency from part-to-part is near perfect. In addition, these companies can centralize their programmers, have the setup person config the machine, test, measure and confirm. The only drawback is that startup capital which is high and established companies rarely invest in new machines unless it pays for itself.

Submission + - The Modern Machine Shop ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The modern machine shop differentiates from traditional machine shops. As computer numerical control (CNC) and engineering software allow greater capabilities, the gap between machine shop quality and capability across various machine shops continues to get smaller. Of course, this is assuming that the machine shop possesses qualified and capable engineers, programmers, and CNC operators. The modern machine shop differentiates from the traditional machine shop by maintaining functionality, capability, technology, experience, and innovation; but ultimately by enabling the creation of value for consumers through their products and services. This is how MDM Machine & Technology, Inc. has found success through customer satisfaction.

Comment Re: $7M is a big data center? (Score 1) 92

Certainly it is important that he technology is used with the best intentions. Police departments can do quite a bit with technology that is available. ALPR (license plate readers) DO locate stolen vehicles on a regular basis. Dash cam or In Car Video as well as body cams go a long way to protect citizens and officers, after all when you can see how things unfolded it is hard to dispute. Gunshot detection systems can detect within several feet the type of of gun being shot (and knows the difference between car backfire or fireworks), smart tactical mapping in the vehicle can help close up all of the egress spots and if there is a camera in the area, it can automatically move to the direction of the detection.
Good records management and CAD(computer aided dispatch) can warn the officer ahead of time what he /she might be walking into.
There are many ways technology can assist the agency in resource allocation for effectively assigning personnel to locations or determining staffing which can significantly reduce overtime that costs the cities money.
A good reporting system can get a cop from one assignment to another more efficiently as the reporting can be optimized, decreasing response time. Field identification can prevent the need to bring someone to a station for identification, the booking process can be cut down by at least 50-60%, which gets the cop back on the street where you want them.

Comment Re: Interface? (Score 1) 92

I2 was purchased by IBM, their product i iBase purchased by IBM is an excellent example of of software capable of bringing in this type of data and building the relationships that get the value from the data. This has become part of IBMs predictive analytics Along with SPSS
There are many others on the horizon, however, there are not enough. It is time that the great minds, such as those here, start looking at developing solutions for law enforcement. There is a market out there for the person who is interested, that is for sure, the current players have been into it for a while, but they are built on old technology and I believe many lack the in-house talent to out it all together. Most of these companies were started by police officers who liked "playing with computers". Of course there are great companies out there, but they are few and far between, Hope that helped shed some light on the subject.

Comment Re: some definitions for the non-native (Score 1) 92

You nailed it, not to mention the parking and violation information, tax key information, bus cameras, school surveillance, body cameras, squad GPS data and dash cam video,literally anything they can tap into. The social media is a big thing, capturing real time information at the scene can drum up witnesses, capture photos of the area prior to the incident, it all goes a long way. This is similar to the fusion centers throughout the US where these technologies are put to use. IBM has been focusing on bringing its predictive analytics to municipalities linking their RMS arrest and CAD call data they can really pinpoint with significant accuracy the homes their officers will be visiting. The ALPR systems can be linked from one municipality to another as well, tracking vehicle routes and times people are moving illegal substances or when rival gang violence may occur. Over the past 5 years law enforcement has been booming with technology. Today's police Chief is embracing technology and relies on it to make many of the daily decisions. Where the privacy issues come into play is that, like anything else, technology has grown at an alarming pace and laws have not kept up with the growth. Many cities do not have official retention policies for this data so, they are keeping it indefinitely. To compound the issue, the politicians who have to address policy regarding these technologies are non-technical people with little understanding of the implications. (I think this is easily the issue on the federal side as well, old guys who don't know what they are dealing with) So, get used to it is right. I say, embrace it, there are a lot of opportunities for people interested in bringing technology solutions to law enforcement. There are still a very large number of RMS vendors who are 5-7 years behind, slapping new interfaces over old technology, there is a demand for this and most of them have systems that are antiquated, lack modular design and require complete re-write in order take advantage of current technology.

Comment It wasnt me... (Score 2) 999

President Obama, 'It wasnt me'...

Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
there is no end to the blame.

Therefore the Master
fulfills her own obligations
and corrects her own mistakes.
She does what she needs to do
and demands nothing of others.

--Lao Tzu

I think the problem we are facing is a lack of good leadership.


Submission + - Has Hollywood run dry of creativity? (

pgnas writes: "As the Register reports via AP Wire, Warner Brothers is planning to re-make the king of classic Bruce Lee Kung Fu movies; Enter the Dragon.

The growing list of prequels, sequels, cookie cutter movies and obviously the remakes, the question begs to be asked; Has Hollywood run out of ideas?

Should Hollywood be ashamed of themselves as they have more resources at their disposal than they ever had? There is no doubt that the advances in CGI open the door to almost anything, so, where is the problem?

Is the problem in the process? Are Producers so afraid of risk that they dump potential in the trash?

Is the problem the tight nit elitists controlling the creative processes by only giving the green light to the "in" crowd?

I suspect that the problem involves a little of everything I mentioned as well as a little lazyness and obviously things I have just not yet thought about. So, I pose the question to the smart and in-tune Slash-dotters; What is wrong with Hollywood?"

Comment Is this Irony? (Score 1) 541

After reading this, I am somewhat speechless. All I see is a twist of irony here; the gestapo tactics of this industry is alarming. I dont know where they will draw the line and when?

So, lyrics are out, Tablature is out... I wonder when they will shake down middle and high schools? They are onto a path where their greed is going to short-circuit the creative process.

Apperently, you cant teach people how to play either

This just demonstrates their short-sightedness.

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