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Comment no, no. the real reason... (Score 1) 263

the real reason we have zombies everywhere is political correctness. it's a lot safer for game makers to use pretend antagonists than human beings. if a game has you shooting human beings, somebody's going to complain; monsters or robots are much less likely to offend the hyper-sensitive thought-police tipper gores of the world.

Comment Re:Update link in story (Score 2, Interesting) 178

The story points to plus46.html which isn't useful for a general distribution announcement like this. Here's a much better choice (which includes a link to the plus46.html page):




for the record, i submitted it with different links. plus46.html was originally linked from the text "and lots more." they "improved" the links in the story before they published it.


Submission + - openbsd 4.6 released

pgilman writes: "the release of openbsd 4.6 was announced today. highlights of the new release include a new privilege-separated smtpd, numerous improvements to packet filtering, software RAID, routing daemons, and the tcp stack, a new installer, and lots more too. grab a cd set or download from a mirror, and please support the project (which also brings you openssh and lots of other great free software) if you can."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - RedHat sponsors webcast unaccesible to Linux users 1

ai_ja_nai writes: SearchEnterpriseLinux.com offers various webcasts on system administration topics. This time, RedHat gifted us with a nice webcast on 'server sprawl'. Too bad that the os required to view the webcast is Windows or Mac (http://go.techtarget.com/r/9533426/7826622/3)! Clicking on "Test your system", actually, returns you a complaint message about the "unoptimality of your system on webcast viewing". Doh!

Feed Cisco wireless products suffer multiple vulns (theregister.com)

These bugs can bite

Cisco Systems is reporting multiple vulnerabilities in three popular wireless products that can unleash all kinds of nastiness, including denials of service, privilege escalation, information disclosure and the ability to gain full administrative access. The flaws reside in Cisco's Wireless Control System (WCS), Wireless LAN Controller and Lightweight Access Points.

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