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Comment Cultural reasons (Score 1) 844

It's one thing for men to not like condoms, and it's quite another for them to not use them altogether even when they're aware it's needed. Most everybody knows they can be uncomfortable, reduce sensitivity, smelly, and all that, not to mention they kill the mood when you're aroused. However, they're necessary! So why be ignorant?

I'm currently living in Brazil and it's consensus here that condoms must be worn. I'd wager a bet it has something to do with the openness with which we talk about sex. Condoms are distributed by the government at health centers and schools. Plenty of government ads promote the usage of condoms (especially during february). This seems to affect mostly younger people (up to 24 years), but the results are reasonable: 68% of the people between 15 and 24 years old used a condom during their last sexual relation with a non-fixed partner.

Also, I think porn plays a role on this. It's actually common to see condoms in brazilian porn! Not so on american porn.

Comment Re:15000 faces/sec * 0.6% false positives... (Score 1) 221

15000 faces recognised per second does not mean that's the figure upon which false positives are calculated.

Assume 10% are flagged as positive. (A staggering amount nonetheless.) Given 0.6% false positive rate, it would account for roughly 9 false positives per second.

Having said that, false positives are certainly a serious problem, causing hassle to innocent people.

Comment Microsoft Encarta (Score 1) 130

Regarding Encarta, it appears access to it will be discontinued after October. Wouldn't it make sense for Microsoft, from a PR standpoint, to release its content under a public license, enabling Wikipedia to incorporate content it deems appropriate?

Seems like a stingy decision the way it is ("if I can't have it, neither can anybody else"), but that's not too surprising coming from Microsoft.

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