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Comment Balance (Score 2) 698

To everyone that says "forget the video's spend time with her now".

Spend time with her now, obviously and make some memories. But later on in life, those video's will become important. She may be too young to appreciate them now, or even in a few years, but as time goes on and her memories fade, they will take on a new importance. What you looked like, how you sounded. Being able to show those to her husband or kids will mean a lot.

When it comes to topics, don't focus on trying to impart "life lessons." Tell her about your life. The good, the bad and the ugly. The time you lost your job. The first/last fight you got into as a child. A fun birthday. The weirdest job you ever had. The girl you had a crush on that never knew you existed. Your first girlfriend. Your first breakup. Things that will help her know you. Those will impart the life lessons.

And the one piece of advice I wish I had listened to, "If you go to college, don't skip class."

The Twitter Book 88

stoolpigeon writes "Microblogging service Twitter has undeniably been a hit, with growth rates that were at times in excess of 1400%. The growth was rapid enough that the site became well known for its periodic, and, at times, extensive downtime. Even with these issues, the service continued to grow rapidly, and with celebrities getting into the mix Twitter was quickly on the radar of mainstream media. The ubiquity of Twitter and ever-increasing coverage of 'tweets' has also brought the inevitable backlash. As with anything that gains high-profile popularity, there are plenty of Twitter haters out there, though the role Twitter has played in the recent Iranian elections seems to have brought more legitimacy to Twitter in the eyes of many. With popularity come books, and quite a few are already out there about and for Twitter, but my favorite so far is The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein." Read below for the rest of JR's review.

Battlefield Heroes Goes Into Open Beta 43

EA Digital Illusions CE has quietly opened up the beta of Battlefield Heroes, their long-delayed, free-to-play shooter. After gradually scaling up the number of players in the closed beta, they've now made the game available to everyone and lifted the NDA. EA has not yet mentioned this in an official announcement, probably hoping to keep their servers from being overwhelmed. The game's website is now accepting signups. IGN ran a hands-on preview of Battlefield Heroes back in April.

Comment Re:I prefer (Score 1) 210

Asimov himself stated that the 3 Laws of Robotics were really a plot device that wouldn't work in the real world. In fact, just about every Robot story he wrote that incorporated the 3 Laws were really about how one or more of the laws failed or were inadequate in one situation or another, and the consequences of that failure.

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