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Comment Re:Link broken? (Score 1) 1191

You are 100% right.

This is a huge update that is putting the focus on advertisers more than the content.

You are also right with your comparison to Digg. Slashdot has been a venerated old school tech website since as long as I can remember using the web (mid 90's), but it's not the only fish in the sea any more. Part of the allure of slashdot is the fact that the UI has remained "relatively" the same since its inception. There have been changes of course, but mostly window dressing. *IF THEY GO THROUGH WITH THIS DESPITE ALL THE NEGATIVE USER FEEDBACK, THEY WILL LOSE THEIR TRAFFIC*.

This is a jarring change, and it seems like a change in philosophy too. Be warned.

Comment OpenSSO will continue to live (Score 1) 128

I've actually been involved with the OpenSSO project during the last 2 years or so, and I honestly don't think it will disappear at all. It had a very active and vibrant community which supported it, many of which have already made the jump to help ForgeRock.

On top of that, OpenSSO/OpenAM already has some terrific features. Its Agent interface is superb, the SAML engine is rock solid, FEDLETs are ahead of their time, and it even had a well documented API for integrating directly into your own application. That's not to say that OpenSSO didn't have room to expand (I found its STS service to be "finicky"), but I expect many of these issues will be addressed by ForgeRock.

I understand that Oracle already has it's own IAM suite, but I think dropping OpenSSO will be something that they regret.

OpenSSO is dead. Long live OpenAM!

Comment Re:Here in Canada (Score 1) 839

I agree, it's the same where I live (in Montreal), we get A LOT of snowfall each year, and almost all of the traffic lights I see these days are of the LED variety. I suspect that these traffic lights were simply designed to work in winterized conditions whereas the ones in the midwest of the US are not. As far as I know, the city does not spend any time clearing snow off the lights, BTW. They don't ever seem to need servicing of that type in the winter.

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