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Comment Re:So what faith are they reconciling, exactly? (Score 1) 1014

"Why even bother with history, when you must admit it contains errors? Which part of History Books contain facts, and which doesn't? Then what's the point of history?

Same with the bible."

Ehm, no. Because history doesn't claim to be the perfect true word of anything. History is our story - written by us, to the best of our knowledge. When new and better evidence rolls in, history is updated.

Religious stuff can not have ANY errors. Not one. As this falsifies the claim of it being written by an all-knowing, supersmart superthing.

Comment Re:It is not that straightforward (Score 1) 97

I figure we don't have it, because basically we haven't had the need for it. 100'000 years ago when we were running around in Africa, we were exposed to the sun - all the time. That means we had a pretty good base to withstand the rays of the sun. Besides, we probably covered ourselves in mud (like the elephants), or stayed in the shades during the most intensive hours of the day.

Nowadays, most of us are sitting inside when the sun is up, and we don't gradually build up this tolerance. And then when we have 2 weeks off, we're suddenly laying flat out on some beach somewhere, totally exposed to the sun the entire day. No wonder our skin gets damaged.

Rather then waiting for something to fix skin damage, learn how to avoid damaging your skin in the first place instead.

Comment 5-7 days a week. (Score 1) 287

I try to work 4 hours one or both days of the weekend when i have the chance. This way i can earn up some hours without, as mentioned, contributing negative to our project. I'll have a stress-free morning, usually a workout and then it's off to work. (Ok, and maybe some drumming on "Guitar Hero: Metallica" if i feel like it..) When i go home i'll still have energy and plenty of hours to relax and do whatever i want.

And, it's remarkable how much i get done when i'm left alone to concentrate and focus, without people distracting me.

ASCAP Seeks Licensing Fees For Guitar Hero Arcade 146

Self Bias Resistor writes "According to a post on the Arcade-Museum forums, ASCAP is demanding an annual $800 licensing fee from at least one operator of a Guitar Hero Arcade machine, citing ASCAP licensing regulations regarding jukeboxes. An ASCAP representative allegedly told the operator that she viewed the Guitar Hero machine as a jukebox of sorts. The operator told ASCAP to contact Raw Thrills, the company that sells the arcade units. The case is ongoing and GamePolitics is currently seeking clarification of the story from ASCAP."

Comment To find out if free radicals are involved (Score 2, Interesting) 347

Given that antioxidants neutralize free radicals, here's a test one could do to see if free radicals really are involved.

Take two groups of people. Group #1 are people who's on the paleolithic diet (stone age diet), with very high intakes of antioxidants and thus a low level of free radicals. And group #2 are on the fast food diet or something that's really low in antioxidants and thus have a high consentration of free radicals in their bodies.

I would expect to see more light from group #2.

Erlang's Creator Speaks About Its History and Prospects 48

Seal writes "Erlang, originally created at Ericsson in 1986, is a functional programming language which was released as open source around 10 years ago and flourished ever since. In this Q&A, Erlang creator Joe Armstrong talks about its beginnings as a control program for a telephone exchange, its flexibility and its modern day usage in open source programs. 'In the Erlang world we have over twenty years of experience with designing and implementing parallel algorithms. What we lose in sequential processing speed we win back in parallel performance and fault-tolerance,' Armstrong said. He also mentions how multi-core processors pushed the development of Erlang and the advantages of hot swapping."

Comment Re:I've been patiently waiting for 35 years. (Score 1) 273

Not necessarily, the first self-driving car to follow a ordinary car could do this at a safe distance, and self-driving cars following this one would just follow in a normal self-driving kind of way (1 meter behind or whatever). The lead self-driving car would then smooth out any errors made by the ordinary car, and overall make for a smoother ride for all. Then you would have eliminated at least a bunch of drivers and all their errors.

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