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Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 2) 454

Unprovoked? You really are deluded. When was the first rocket fired by Hamas? I'll tell you, it was on 28 June 2014. Unprovoked means Israel did nothing before that. Is this true? How about when Israel demolished the homes of two suspected kidnappers on 26 June? In what civilised country do you demolish people's homes for punishment of an alleged crime without even holding trials to prove their guilt? Or even before that, when Israel detained 300 Palentinians without even offering any proof of their involvement in the kidnapping of the three boys? Unprovoked, you say?

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 0, Troll) 454

Will Israel promise that if Hamas puts all its rocket launchers, military command and control, and military supplies neatly organised in easily identifiable military bases, Israel won't simply send a missile to figuratively cook all those eggs being put in one basket?

Will Israel remove the embargo being imposed of Gaza so that Hamas can buy better weapons that they can use to precisely target Israel military installations rather than have to make do with using cheap mortar and rockets that is just as likely to hit civillian targets as Israeli military installations?

If Israel is not willing to do the above, then don't complain when Hamas have to improvise just to have a fighting chance of defending themselves.

Comment Re:Texing Bans Increase Crashes (Score 3, Informative) 319

There's supposedly some "alternative" way to make it zoom in/out by holding and then moving up/down, but I can't get it to work.

To zoom with one hand, do a double-tap, and upon the second tap, hold. Then slide down to zoom in and up to zoom out.

i.e. tap, tap+hold... (while holding) slide up/down

Comment Re:I see $$$ signs! (Score 3, Insightful) 183

The phones on the backs of seats can only be used to make, not receive, calls. OTOH, with cellphones, the airlines can impose a surcharge for both outgoing and incoming calls, much like with carrier roaming. There's also data roaming. So yes, the airlines to stand to make big bucks on this if they play it right.

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