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Comment It would go broke in a day (Score 1) 609


all policy shall be based on the weight of evidence

for an economic policy is a disaster. There is no "weight of evidence" as every situation that a central bank, finance ministry or stock exchange would be unique.

However, simply by knowing that the country was following a "rational" policy means it would be gamed by all the "players" who could get access. Although it's doubtful that any actual people would get a look - since the automatic traders would dominate the day. Outsmarting a system like that would make taking candy from a baby look like hard work.

Comment Re:How to weaken an entire Nation. (Score 4, Interesting) 1010

It does not financially ruin people when they are armed with legal precedent

Uh, huh. Except that hardly ever happens: In 2013, while 8 percent of all federal criminal charges were dismissed (either because of a mistake in fact or law or because the defendant had decided to cooperate), more than 97 percent of the remainder were resolved through plea bargains, and fewer than 3 percent went to trial.

For the overwhelming majority of people who come into contact with the "justice" system, to be accused is to be guilty.

Comment Re:How to weaken an entire Nation. (Score 1) 1010

helps set a precedent for anyone accused of mishandling data classified at the highest levels.

Provided they have a chance of being in charge of the country (or know someone who is).

But for ordinary people, who would be financially ruined by the cost of a legal case and are therefore rail-roaded into a plea bargain, it's back to the usual: to be accused is to be guilty. Doncha just love an equal, impartial and fair justice system>

Comment Monopolies and restricted resources (Score 2) 135

So the plan is to use the extremely scarce water on the Moon to make hydrogen for rocket fuel. Since this is a "better" choice than making rocket fuel on Earth, which is two-thirds water?

This sounds like a very short-sighted proposition as it consumes a resource that could be put to far better use for lunar colonisation.

It also puts the nascent LEO -> "out there" transportation business at the financial mercy of whoever owns and controls the Moon-sourced fuel supply.

Comment But where are the BENEFITS? (Score 1, Insightful) 98

OK, I went to the page that explained about all the stuff that has changed. Some apps have been substituted for different ones. Different artwork. A new daemon or two. New themes. And some different ways of doing stuff.

But where is the list of things that I couldn't do on older releases, that I will be able to do now? What new opportunities does this release open up to me, as a user? What extra functions does this release have?

In short, where is the compelling case to spend time and effort to install this release?

Comment Abandonware? (Score 1) 37

Note: As per our maintenance policy, the release of Rails 5.0 will mean that bug fixes will only apply to 5.0.x

So all you have to do when you get too many bugs is to just roll a new release and magically your support obligations disappear. Excellent plan.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 133

Wait... why do these cards have a "good mode" and a "shitty mode" in the first place, and why is the shitty one called "gaming mode"?

Because there are a lot of gullible people out there who will pay more for something - anything - that has "gaming .... " pre-pended to its description. It makes them feel special, that they are a cut above all the non-gaming people. Even in instances where the difference is illusory, irrelevant or insignificant.

If they are willing to pay a "stupid" tax, why shouldn't they be allowed to?

Comment Ownership is doubtful (Score 3, Insightful) 299

With a self-driving car, there are many things that can go wrong and cause an accident apart from the driver.

Insufficient maintenance being one.
So I reckon that either accidents will involve a great deal of argument between the little guy (who bought the SDC) and the big guy (manufacturer) with the big guy making all sorts of accusations and demanding proof that every last servicing requirement had been carried out by an approved service agent. Or the car will remain the property of the manufacturer (or fleet owner) and it will be leased to the notional user. Thus removing the car's passenger from liability. But leaving them with a large monthly bill for ensuring the vehicle is kept mechanically perfect.

Comment Different but not better? (Score 1) 103

multiple mail or social media accounts side-by-side without having to use multiple browsers

I like having (to use) multiple bowsers for this. It means I can have a different desktop icon for each one. Want to do "general purpose" surfing? use the default. Want to log in to FB? Use a firefox that has a different database, history, cookie location and remembered passwords - not quite a sandbox, but good enough.

And so it goes on. It is quite easy and sounds more straightforward than that stuff about containers.

Comment In 5 years time? (Score 2) 244

That sounds a little presumptuous: that Facebook will still be around in 5 years.

It's been going for over 10 years now - so it#s well into ( the internet version of ) middle age. To look forward to 2021 and try to predict what people will want, how they will act, or what technology will be mainstream is a formula for disaster,

I would suggest that if FB is 100% in 5 years, then in 6 years every FB app will be an AI that people use in order to extract the useful information from all that waffle and wasted bandwidth. it takes megabytes of video to say what a few dozen bytes of text say - and worse: you have to play through a video, linearly. One thing the world seems to be doing is to move away from linear "broadcast" formats.

Comment Re:Not one, many (missing option) (Score 1) 301

If you make an account on Facebook, your family and friends will find you and link your account

Noooo. You send them friend requests and they accept. You deny or ignore friend requests from the "wrong" people to the wrong account - or preempt them by sending the requests out first. Obviously you shouldn't make the basic error of putting up an easily recognisable photo of yourself and NEVER fill in any personal details/ But that is a school-child error.

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