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Comment Symptom of globalisation and automation. (Score 1) 614

Im not surpriced. We live in a globalized world where the pay is vastly different depending on where you live, and then with the development of better software, AI and robots, you end up with a winner takes all economy. Fortunately if we can keep our democracy function for the next 20 years enough people will lose their job to globalization and automation that we will have a majority of people which will support some kind of UBI or negative income tax. There is no way around it. It has already begun.

Comment US total personal income 2014: 15 T$ (Score 1) 1145

The combined personal income in the US in 2014 was almost 15 trillion dollars. Around 320 million people live in the US. That means on average every american from baby to elderly could recieve some 46000 dollars a year. Comsidering this you got the income to provide a UBI to everyone its just a matter of your taxrate

Comment 1930s depression all over again. (Score 4, Insightful) 145

As the subject says, this is 1930s depression all over again. Lots and lots of people being forced into dayjobs not having a stable income to support themselves or their families, and absolutely no securities if they get sick or somehow are not able to work. It might be ok now but just wait until millions of unemployed people are flooding into this area of work pushing the wages way down. In the 1930s people went to the dock where a foreman would handpick a lucky few. The rest could go home without any money for that day. Only difference today is that the foreman will be some app for your smartphone telling you if you got a customer or not... what a horrible life that would be longterm.

Comment Re:Lets look at the numbers. (Score 1) 1291

i seem to have used population numbers from 2000 so yours are more precise. But according to several links total personal income in 2014 seems to be 14.7 trillion dollars, so even if UBI would cost 6 trillion and a federal budget of 3 trillion there should be money for that. Im not saying people would accept to be taxed much higher, or if enough would still work. Im just showing that it is in fact possible and there is enough income to make it possible. In your post you seem to argue it would be possible, but its just a matter of taxing people more. Again i just wanted to show its possible. Im not saying everyone would accept to be taxed some 60%, maybe even 65%, infact i very much doubt it. Nevertheless it is actually theoretical possible currently.

Comment Lets look at the numbers. (Score 1) 1291

Lets see some numbers. Total personal income in 2014 was 14.7 trillion dollars. population over 18: 210 million If you would give everyone 2000 dollars a month in basic income it would cost around 5 trillion dollars or 33% of the total income earned currently. On top of that you have to pay for military, healthcare, people with disabilities, infrastructure and education and more. US federal spending was in 2014 3.5 trillion dollars. Of that 850 billion was social security and i guess you can remove much of that money from the budget incase of a UBI-system. You can probably also remove the cost of some of the bureaucracy involved in the current system. Lets put it low and say you can spend 500 billion here and we end up with a 3 trillion dollar budget minus UBI. Total expenses would then be 8 trillion dollars, and with a total income of 14.7 trillion, you would need a flat tax of 54,5% of your income. Honestly it doesnt seem that impossible if you only look at the numbers. Infact several european countries have a taxrate nearing that currently.

Comment bottlenecks (Score 3, Informative) 172

At the end of the interview some guy asked a very good question. If it is really 1000 times faster you will end up with a bottleneck as even SATA 3 is nowhere fast enough. If this memory have to be used to its fullest for a normal consumer playing games for example, you need new kind of motherboards also.

Comment Ill be honest. (Score 1) 308

ok ok . Ill be honest. Once in a while i do delete browsing history. I have this feeling my browser becomes slower on my old computer once too much browsing history have accumulated. Furthermore i have also deleted it from time to time to remove any link to pron sites i have visited. I would have never thought it would be illegal to delete that data though.

Comment Re:Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

Scandinavian nations have among the highest level of socialist elements in place but society there demands a great amount of social cohesion at the expense of individual freedom.

Im not sure why you believe that. Looking at various papers about personal freedom the Scandinavian countries have always ranked at the very top amongst nations and far higher than the US. I really dont see how we are giving up our freedom, by having a social democratic system. Quite the contrary infact. If you mean a high tax means a lower individual freedom i guess you need to be american to believe that nonsense.

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