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Comment Re:Drupal (Score 1) 222

I've been running multiple Drupal sites for volunteer organizations for 10 years so efficiency in maintenance and updates was almost more important than the original site build. Happy to say, security updates and patches just take a few minutes, site page updates are mostly easy, and its fast enough for what we need. I've found existing modules for almost everything I need.

Comment Company Alert: We have a network virus!! (Score 5, Funny) 351

Our software engineering company (FileNet) network performance came to its knees every day between 5 and 6 pm. Networks team and engineering working hard to identify a possible network denial of service attach or an intrusion. Lots of multicast packets flying everywhere at a high rate of speed. Took about a week for figure out it was some staff playing doom.

Comment Forget the desktop, dominate the laptop (Score 1) 565

I bet Linux could dominate the laptop and mobile devices by being more efficient on power usage than Windows. It is already dominant on the smart phones and tablets via Android. I run a Toshiba laptop and just wish it supported a Linux version - what seems to be missing is device drivers.

Comment What would this look like if was Open Source? (Score 1) 116

There should be a competing open source framework and set of apps you could load that only affect the connectivity part and not actual automotive control. The framework would implement the basic car-2-car communications and protocols to communicate to the Toyota mothership. After that, its an app store with security testing and validation controls.

Comment Re:"the source, who declined to be named" (Score 1) 102

So Uber buys the self driving cars, but leases them out to Uber drivers who just sit in the driver's seat and 'monitor' the car's safe operation. Driver/lessees have to gas/charge/insure/maintain the cars while getting paid a nominal $17/hr, but then have to pay Uber $500/mo for the car payments. Net income is about $3.00/hr.

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