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Submission + - Eclipse for Android announced (appbrain.com) 1

zBoD writes: "Eclipse Announces First Release of Eclipse IDE for Android (Phobos).

Santa Clara, Calif. – April 1, 2010 – The Eclipse Foundation announced
today the first release to the Android Market of the Eclipse IDE for
the Android platform. This light weight version of the popular IDE
will allow developers to access and work on their projects at any
time, from a mobile device.

This initial beta release focuses on Java (SE, ME and EE) and Android
development, and is bundled with the ADT plugin.

Features include:
* Java tooling
* Navigator view
* Package explorer
* SVN integration
* Debugging functionalities, including stepping
* Mylyn support

The RC1 version is expected to be released by September 2010, and will
tentatively support the following additional features:
* CVS and Git integration
* Additional languages: C++, Scala, PHP
* Bada platform support

To download Eclipse for Android on the Android Market:

About the Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on
building an open development platform comprised of extensible
frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing
software across the lifecycle. A large, vibrant ecosystem of major
technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities and research
institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the
Eclipse Platform.

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported
corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects. Full details of Eclipse
and the Eclipse Foundation are available at www.eclipse.org."

Comment Re:Could try (Score 1) 302

JCreator is not open source and the light edition is only free if you are using it in academia. The free version also doesn't have a built in CVS client. In this situation there are many other IDE's out there which are Open Source and have many more features (Netbeans or Eclipse) and are cross platform for an added bonus.

Comment Groups (Score 1) 302

As part of my degree we had to do some group development projects and chose to set up a google group to put all the work on as it allowed us to upload any type of file. We also used the page creator in it to make links to versions as they changed. This was pretty simple to set up and use though slightly tedious as times.

Comment Re:Seems a little strange (Score 1) 857

Looking at my family tree I find that going back to 1806 most of my family were born to a mother who was in her late 30's or early 40's. The only reason people are more concerned about down syndrome now is because it can be tested for in the womb and aborted, also people don't hide it as much. In the past children born with defects would be suitably disposed of either in an institute or some kind of drowning.
Internet Explorer

IE8 May Not Pass the Acid2 Test After All 434

dotne writes "CNET has published an article called Acid2, Acid3 and the power of default. The article predicts that IE8 will not pass the Acid2 test after all: '[Another] scenario could be that Microsoft requires Web pages to change the default settings by flagging that they really, really want to be rendered correctly. Web pages already have a way to say this (called doctype switching, which is supported by all browsers), but Microsoft has all but announced that IE8 will support yet another scheme. If the company decides to implement the new scheme, the Acid2 test — and all the other pages that use doctype switching — will not be rendered correctly.' Microsoft's IE8 render modes have been discussed here previously, and they've caused an uproar in the web development community. According to the scheme, authors must put Microsoft-specific <meta> tags into their pages in order for them to be rendered correctly. I doubt Acid2, nor Acid3 will have Microsoft extensions in them."
Social Networks

Submission + - Adult Bullies Teen on MySpace leading to suicide (go.com)

Flavius Iulianus writes: It's not new, this happened last year. But it's just now getting out into the media and is taking on a life of it's own. A woman in Missouri was involved in setting up a fake MySpace account for the express purpose of gaining the trust of a 13 year old girl. The woman claims she did it to monitor what the girl was saying about her daughter as they used to be friends. After making romantic (and possibily sexual)overtures to the girl, the fake persona sent her a series of scathing messages "breaking off" the online relationship and attacking her personally. The girl had been depressed for sometime and killed herself by hanging herself. After a year of investigation, the local authorities chose not to prosecute and the story broke. Now, in a manifestation of Karma, infuriated bloggers and netizens have been working to find the woman's identity (which was withheld in the original story) and get the word out about her activities.

Submission + - which license for Second Life? (greenphosphor.com)

arkowitz writes: "I've created a system called totem for visualizing data inside Second Life. It consists of some Second Life code (scripts in objects), a database, and a gateway servlet that lets them communicate. I want to make the Second Life piece open source, so that anyone can come up with cooler ways to visualize data (I have a simple 3d bar chart format so far). I may or may not keep the servlet part closed. What license should I use? Keep in mind that I *want* others to be able to make their own visualizers and charge L$ for them."

Submission + - HP Ready To Offer Linux PCs in US?

Anonymous writes: This story quotes an HP desktop exec saying the company will expand its pre-loaded Linux PC program beyond Australia, and is considering more countries including the U.S. Sounds like HP is playing it safe, but knows the market is inevitably moving to accept Linux on the desktop.

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