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Submission + - How to use bluetooth headset with office phones? (simplymission.com)

peterdaly writes: "I'm in the market for a new headset for my desk phone at work. The popular "high quality" wireless headsets that work with office phones seems to start at $200 and go up from there. Knowing what the technology costs for cellphones, I can't help but feel like that's a rip-off. What I'd really like to do is take a high quality bluetooth headset, like what is popular with cellphones, and find a base that it will talk to that will hook-up to my desk (office/pbx) phone. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but I'm unable to find any product that seems to fit that description. Does such a project exist? I can't be the only person wanting to do this."

Submission + - Google to Microsoft - Enough of the buggy whips (mythpvr.com)

peterdaly writes: "I think the media has it wrong. Google Chrome is not about an attack on Microsoft, but the real story isn't as mass media friendly...it's about the technology, or lack there-of. None of the current browsers have made the serious advances needed to allow further advancement of serious web applications. Google had not choice but to take matters into their own hands.

Are the current iterations of Firefox and IE the buggy whip industry, getting their first glimpse of the Model T?"


Submission + - Install MythTV Screencast - MythDora 5 (mythpvr.com)

peterdaly writes: "MythPVR.com has posted a three part screencast of the process of installing MythTV using the MythDora distribution. MythTV is the Linux based open source DVR.

As MythDora installs MythTV and Linux, it will format your hard drive, install all the MythTV components, and walk you through the configuration of the critical components.

Popular MythTV features include the ability to detect and remove commercials, a web interface, and client server architecture you can use to build a distributed DVR for your entire house. MythDora is designed to transform a spare PC with a TV tuner card into DVR appliance similar to Tivo."

Operating Systems

Submission + - Mythbuntu 1.0 Overview and Install Walk-through (mythpvr.com)

peterdaly writes: "Mythbuntu has recently released version 1.0 of their MythTV centric Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Justin Garrison has written an excellent five page Mythbuntu overview that gives a walk-through of the Mythbuntu installation and highlights the key features that makes Mythbuntu different from KnoppMyth and MythDora, the other popular MythTV Linux Distributions. A distinguishing feature is that it can be installed on top of an existing Ubuntu 7.10 system using a simple installer. MythTV is a popular DVR (digital video recorder) application for Linux."

Submission + - MythTV Install Screencast - MythDora 4.0

peterdaly writes: "MythDora 4 is a MythTV 'in-a-box' style distribution based on Fedora Core 6. With the help of a RedHat Employee and Author Jarod Wilson, MythDora 4 has made great strides in hardware compatability and ease of installation. It is designed to format your hard drive and install everything needed for a fully functional MythTV System. MythPVR.com has created a three part screencast of the installation process covering, MythDora Installation, Configuration, and MythTV Setup.

If you have had problem installing MythTV in the past due to hardware compatibility problems, the improvements make this is a great version to give another chance."

Submission + - A Media Server Doesn't Have To Be An Energy Hog

peterdaly writes: "A media server doesn't have to be a power hungry energy wasting beast of a machine. Here's one way to build an energy efficient MythTV server without wasting watts. Based on the Via EPIA Mini-ITX M-Series platform, this real world example cuts the power usage of a home media server by more than half. The machine it replaced pulled an average 83 watts. This one tips the meter at 37 watts. In this case, it saves about $40/year in addition to the environmental benefits."

Submission + - Introduction to the MythTV Distributions

peterdaly writes: "MythTV is open source media center software that runs on Linux. Although it's powerful, it can be very difficult to install yourself. KnoppMyth and MythDora are Linux distributions that aim to automate the installation of linux and MythTV. Here are screencasts of the KnoppMyth and MythDora install process. There have been claims that the current version of KnoppMyth can be installed on fast hardware in as little as 10 minutes. MythTV is an excellent open source alternative to the DVRs offered by cable companies, Windows Media Center, or Tivo."
The Media

Submission + - AppleTV would make an excellent Linux device

peterdaly writes: "Could a little bit of hacking be the only thing holding the AppleTV back from being the perfect Linux Multi-Media set-top box? The specs say it's Intel based and has a 40GB hard drive. Sounds a lot like a computer that may be able to boot Linux at some point in the future. With all the video ports, it would make a perfect MythTV Frontend or similar Linux device. Even without the video aspects, 48-watt power draw could make this an excellent general purpose home Linux server."

Submission + - KnoppMyth Install Screencast, MythTV in 20 minutes

peterdaly writes: "This seven and a half minute screencast walks you through how to install KnoppMyth to create your own home media server. KnoppMyth is a Debian based linux distribution that tries to make the installation of MythTV and Linux as easy as possible. KnoppMyth R5E50 is the first release of the popular KnoppMyth distribution to be based on the newly released MythTV 0.20. This shows how you can have KnoppMyth up and running in as little as 20 minutes."

Submission + - Install MythTV 0.20 the easy way - MythDora 3.0

peterdaly writes: "MythDora 3 is the first MythTV "in-a-box" style distribution to include MythTV 0.20. Based on Fedora Core 5, MythDora 3 is designed to format your hard drive then install everything needed for a fully functional MythTV System. Here is a walk through of the entire MythDora installation process, including screenshots and a screencast."

Submission + - Make Your Network the DVR with MythTV

peterdaly writes: "MythTV obliterates the paradigm that a Digital Video Recorder is an isolated box that sits at your TV. While MythTV can certainly fill that standard role of an isolated box sitting next to your TV, it has a lot more potential. MythTV can be setup so any connection to your network, real or wireless, can be transformed into a node of a distributed Digital Video Recorder that extends across your entire network. With a distributed MythTV system, the network becomes the DVR."

Submission + - Has Ruby on Rails Hit Critical Mass?

peterdaly writes: "Once considered to be a fringe language and framework, the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails Framework seem to be catching on with an ever-increasing number of people and projects. It's gaining more mainstream acceptance and may have reached the tipping point for mainstream adoption. Many claim it's the most productive web development environment available. I think Ruby on Rails has reach the critcal mass tipping point to mainstream adoption.

As a professional web developer, it's important to keep up with the emerging trends as they become mainstream. I've personally decided it's going to be mainstream enough that I need to learn it, but what do you think?

Has Ruby on Rails hit the critial mass needed for widespread adoption, or is it still a fad that is going to level out or even fizzle out?"

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