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Comment Re:Goodbye Amazon Employees (Score 3, Interesting) 127

The reason Amazon treats its warehouse employees so badly is because it considers them a temporary and costly inconvenience. Their only role is to serve as temporary placeholders until robots get good enough to run the warehouses entirely, then there will be no more meatbag employees.

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 2) 108

100 years ago companies were in business to actually build stuff. Sure they wanted to make money, but it was understood that you had to spend money to make money. Today, nobody has any interest in building anything that won't be insanely profitable right away.

Throwing money away on "app companies" that will never be profitable such as Uber, Snapchat, etc no problem at all. VCs never tire of wasting money on anything that attracts eyeballs, figuring that someday they can somehow monitize it. But building physical infrastructure, sorry that's too expensive!

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