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Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 222

GPOs that would seem to work don't always apply, so it just gets to be an annoying problem.

Can you expand on the specifics of this? Which GPOs are not working as expected? I'm running Win10 Professional not on a domain and settings under Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update still work as expected.

Asking because I don't want to be caught by surprise either at a particularly inconvenient moment.

Comment Re:No more NPAPI (Score 2) 92

The only stuff it was ever used for was crapware.

Actually, several enterprise web applications use it. Parent mentioned SharePoint, there are more than a few applications on J2EE servers which utilize it as well. One of the areas of the product I work on just released a new application to replace an older application which was dependent on NPAPI.

Customers have 1 of 3 choices at this point:
1) Downgrade Chrome - IT Security won't allow that, too risky
2) Upgrade the server code / install new application - IT Management won't allow that, too risky
3) Use something other than Chrome until #2 can happen - most likely choice in the short term

However I am in agreement the NPAPI needed to die. Google gave more than enough warning this was coming - TWO YEARS - so companies were given the opportunity to fix their code. Those that haven't - shame on you.

Comment Re:Quite simple (Score 2) 261

You know what you get if you don't hire any assholes? Badly designed software that's broken

No - you need an experienced team with more than one person who is willing to play devil's advocate. That's called constructive criticism and produces higher quality code in the long-term. If you need something done short-term and don't care about the long-term consequences, yes, that asshole may be what you need.

Pro-tip: In a global team with several hundred people working on a software project - assholes aren't tolerated. We can/will replace you with somebody else.

Comment Re:GOG discovers DOSBOX works on Linux (Score 1) 81

I would much rather pay a reasonable amount for that rather than spend my gaming time tinkering; that's good value for me.

THIS. I legally own many DOS games. I have repurchased most of them on for the very reason of NOT having to tinker with DosBox settings on a per game basis. No more scouring internet forums to figure out the right clock speeds, irq channels, etc. Just double-click, install and go. AND, in the event you do find a legitimate issue (as I did with Planescape Torment on large HDDs), they have support forums to report bugs and get them fixed.

Comment Links and Explanation (Score 3, Informative) 57

OK, for those who have no idea what this is (the internets is a big place):

From Wikipedia:
"Homestar Runner is a Flash-animated Internet cartoon series. It mixes surreal humor with references to retro pop culture, video games, classic television, and popular music. [....] The site is one of the most-visited sites with collections of Flash cartoons on the Internet and is notable for its refusal to sell advertising space (the creators pay for everything through merchandise sales, which includes a line of T-shirts)."

Try this cartoon to understand a bit of the site's humor:

Comment Story or Go Home (Score 1) 169

TFA is actually interesting. The headline and summary are completely the opposite of the TFA:

Microsoft Studios' user research group developed a narrative usability method to test story early in production, allowing for iteration driven by player experience. Narrative usability can identify twists that don't work and conclusions that are confusing, removing understanding blockers so that characters can shine.

Having played a number of FPS games, you know the one I remember the most? Spec Ops: The Line. Why? The plot and voice acting.
Having played a number of flight sim games, you know the one I remember the most? Wing Commander 3. Why? The plot and acting.
Having played a number of indie games, you know the one I remember the most? To the Moon. Why? The plot and dialogue.
Having played a number of adventure games, you know the one I remember the most? Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Why? The plot.
Having played a number of puzzle games, you know the one I remember the most? Deus Ex. Why? The plot and depth of gameplay.
Having played a number of sci-fi games, you know the one I remember the most? Half-Life 2. Why? The plot and voice acting.
RPG games take their own special category as plot makes or breaks an RPG - Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 9 + 13, Mass Effect 3, etc.

I may not remember the plot, but I certainly remember how I felt at the end of the game. Same as with other forms of entertainment - movies, books, theatrical performances, etc. Glad to see they are offering research to make a game more memorable because of the plot and characters.

Comment Re:The Night of the Living Mainframe (Score 1) 169

A cluster can easily outperform a mainframe at lower cost, while having much higher reliability.

I'm an advocate of mainframes, clouds, and traditional "servers". Each have their advantages / disadvantages. Just because it can doesn't mean it will.

I'd also REALLY like to see where you are pulling your reliability numbers from. I'd like to see such a study that compares modern mainframes to modern cloud technology for reliability purposes.

Comment Re:experience (Score 1) 314

I rented a for focus, and drove it for about 2 months, the MSFT stuff installed in it was a total piece of junk. It would crash, hang, and reboot in the middle of navigating to the destination, just like a windows PC.

Ford SYNC has a few different versions:

SYNC v1, which debuted September 2007, offered the ability to play certain entertainment media, the ability to connect to certain mobile phones and digital audio players and to utilize SMS.[3] In January 2008, SYNC v2 was released, which enabled two new Ford developed applications: 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report.[3] SYNC v3, released in April 2009, enabled the Traffic, Directions and Information application. Later that month, Ford Work Solutions, a collection of five applications marketed towards professionals who buy Ford trucks, was added. The applications included in the Ford Work Solution were Crew Chief, Garmin Nav, LogMeIn and Tool Link.[3][3] SYNC v4 and v5 were released in January 2010 and January 2011, respectively,

Owning two different Ford vehicles with SYNC v3 I can say I'm quite pleased. I passed on purchasing a new vehicle with the v5 touch screen version as it was indeed garbage. YMMV.

Comment Re:Forget ratings, measure ROI. (Score 1) 302

. Fixing those sorts of policies at a systemwide level and giving bonuses for finding ways to improve efficiency are what is needed. Unfortunately, that sort of thinking seems to be very contrary to the university culture, at least in the United States

Having worked at a major US university as a staff member, I can attest to this. There is absolutely no incentive for improvement. And if you decide to try to make a suggestion for improvement, it will often be shot down because it tramples over somebody else's previous work / existing process in place. Note: This behavior isn't limited to universities, however, as a culture it tends to be a lot worse there.

Comment Re:old people have higher Health Care and don't 80 (Score 2) 365

By way of substantiation, note that the typical European worker at ~37 hours/week is typically as productive as an American or Asian worker supposedly putting in way more hours. The equalizer is, Europeans tend to plan better and waste less time.

Please provide a source on this. I'd like to read the source of the studies showing this.

Comment Re:Rootless? (Score 1) 215

I've used it on LANs. I've used it across my crummy IDSL link. And I've even used it on dial-up

Try it on a satellite connection with 700ms+ ping times. Usable, but significant delay even when trying to do a simple tab completion when changing directories ... 1 second delay between each directory change. Not bad by itself, but extremely annoying in total delay when working long periods.

I have a Windows box at work which I RDP into and then daisy-chain from the Windows box to X or VNC into other *Nix machines at work because RDP is that much better over my satellite link. If I had to pick a good second behind RDP, I'd go with NX.

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