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Comment Re:Perl 6? (Score 1) 263

Reports of Perl 6 in production are slowly trickling in on the #perl6 IRC channel, but currently it's only a handful. Even I as a Perl 6 compiler developer don't recommend its production usage yet. But for learning the language and small one-off tasks it's already very nice, and getting nicer each month.

Comment Re:Wrong direction (Score 5, Insightful) 50

I've worked two years on a PHD thesis involving all-optical signal processing (though I worked on all-optical signal regeneration, not logical gates), and one of my conclusions is that multi-level is an order of magnitude more challenging than two values. The reason is that if you do multiple processing steps, you usually get some random fluctations, so you need to have components that fix that, i.e. fix to a certain level. Now you have basically two options, you can encode your information in the phase or in the amplitude/power. In the case of power levels you can use something like nonlinear loop mirrors, but they have the problem that they change the power ratio level between the states. In the case of phase encoded signals, a you can use a saturated phase-sensitive amplifier (for example two symmetric pumps), but they require quite high powers, and you have to injection-lock the pumps to compensate phase drifts, and they still only work for two levels. There is exactly one scheme that works for multiple levels (see for a PHD thesis about it), but it turns phase noise into amplitude noise, so you need an amplitude regenator after it. So, binary logic is plenty of challenge to get working; once that's establish, we can still think about multiple levels.

Comment Re:comparison and life purpose (Score 1) 495

I know several persons who have drastically outlived their medical prognosis; none of them seem particularly driven compared to Hawking (but they do all enjoy to live). So the question is, are those predictions too pessimistic, or have all the other people with bad predictions died, and I can't meet them anymore?

Comment More Perl Advent Calendars (Score 5, Informative) 65

The Perl community has more advent calendars than the one linked in TFA:

  • Perl 6 advent calendar
  • Catalyst advent calendar
  • Perl Dancer advent calendar
  • Plack advent calendar
  • Uwe's CPAN advent calendar
  • Ricardo's Perl advent calendar

(Catalyst, Plack and Dancer are web frameworks)

Good thing that Perl is dead. Just imagine how it'd overflow the internet with advent calendars if it were alive!


Submission + - Rakudo Star - a "early adopter" dist. of Perl 6 (

acid06 writes:

Rakudo Star is aimed at "early adopters" of Perl 6. We know that it still has some bugs, it is far slower than it ought to be, and there are some advanced pieces of the Perl 6 language specification that aren't implemented yet. But Rakudo Perl 6 in its current form is also proving to be viable (and fun) for developing applications and exploring a great new language. These "Star" releases are intended to make Perl 6 more widely available to programmers, grow the Perl 6 codebase, and gain additional end-user feedback about the Perl 6 language and Rakudo's implementation of it.

The tarball for the July 2010 release is available from


Submission + - Rakudo Star - "early adopter" Perl 6, released ( 4

masak writes: The developers of Rakudo, an actively developed implementation of Perl 6, give you their first "Rakudo Star" release. Quoting the announcement: 'These "Star" releases are intended to make Perl 6 more widely available to programmers, grow the Perl 6 codebase, and gain additional end-user feedback about the Perl 6 language and Rakudo's implementation of it.' It's been a long wait, and not everything is in place yet, but Perl 6 is definitely feeling less vapor-y today.

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