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Comment Re:Very smart of them, if tru (Score 2) 211

If you really need to get where you're going, you'll pay just about anything (or at least 9.9 times anything) to ensure you're getting a ride home and won't be stranded

In a free market — and this aspect of it remains reasonably free in the US — the price of everything is the amount a buyer is willing to pay.

In a democracy, the "free market" can kiss my ass.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 3, Funny) 496

What about ditching the windshield and replacing it with a 4k HD screen? Then you can embed the driver lower-down and deep inside a protective hardened shell. A no-glass car all around.

Then how about ditching the wheels, and just simulate movement on the 4K screen. You could drive as fast you want in perfect safety.

Comment UGh (Score 4, Insightful) 242

I'm halfway through the article but so far all I've read is "blah blah blah". Atrocious website that requires a cut-and-paste into a word processor to make the narrow article even readable, and as utterly devoid of content as the reader's digest article I read at the dentist.

Honestly do editors even try to read these submissions?

Comment Re:I'm Inferior To A Tree (Score 1) 71

All those genes make humans look like flunkies. And knowing a tiny bit about Darwin maybe we could take into account that a pine tree can easily outlive any human ever born. And pine trees tend to have a very long history of reproduction compared to humans. So maybe all the thinking, feeling and running about that humans do is simply proof of our inferiority. think about it. The pine tree needs water, sunshine, a few minerals and an atmosphere and that is about it. Humans need all kinds of things. I've never seen a tree shoot anyone, go mental, or rape other trees. Trees might enjoy making humans feel like idiots.

Plants often have large genomes. One reason I've heard for this is that plants can't move, so they're much more exposed to the environment. As a result, they need a more diverse array of biochemical responses to stressors.

Comment knee jerk? (Score 2) 211

Burton still had a "knee-jerk" response when confronted with Glass

He was asked what he thought of Glass, and he gave his opinion. Sorry, how is that a "knee-jerk" reaction? Would it have been so if he had responded positively?

Here's my reasoned, non knee-jerk response: Google can fuck off, and -- within the bounds imposed by professionalism and etiquitte -- so can eveyrone else wearing these infringements to my privacy. (In what I consider the moral sense, as opposed to the legal sense)

Comment Re:'Simple really... (Score 1) 775

In a democracy, we can decide we don't want it. e.g. no selling of wearable cameras.

I don't know where you live, but "robotic eyes" is not the world I live in. Nor is being recorded at "all times". CCTVs are common, but they aren't everywhere -- and more importantly, they aren't posting footage to youtube. (although some are)

The world we live in is what we decide to make it, and there's no reason we need to acquiesce to this crap.

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