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Submission + - Best community-blogging software?

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've recently moved overseas and it's come to my attention that my friends and I are horrible about staying in touch. I've decided I'd like to set up some kind of community/multi-user blog since I have some spare space and bandwidth on my current host. I first wanted to try a customized LiveJournal install, as it has the ease-of-use and default community aspects that would make it ideal, but sadly that only works on a dedicated host, which I don't have. Basically I just want to clone the Friends page or Community page that LiveJournal has: a simple, clean interface that shows X number of the most recent posts at full length plus an avatar for the user who posted them, with easy posting capabilities. It seems like there should be something out there which would accomplish this, yet my searches have come up nil. Aside from having to heavily modify an existing program or creating one myself, is there a solution available for my needs? Thanks."

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