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AT&T Unveils DirecTV Now Streaming TV Service With Over 100 Channels ( 80

ATT has officially unveiled its DirecTV Now internet TV streaming service, which launches Wednesday, November 30th, in the U.S. on iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and PC/Mac, starting at $35 per month. The Verge reports: Like its over-the-top rivals, DirecTV Now will let customers stream live programming on smartphones, tablets, and PCs -- no cable box necessary -- and requires no long-term contracts or commitments. For a limited time, ATT will offer the "Go Big" channel tier with 100 channels for $35 per month. If you sign up in time, the offer will remain valid each month until you cancel. But that $35 rate is not the long-term pricing for 100+ channels. DirecTV Now offers step-up subscriptions that include other channels and content for a higher monthly cost. ATT has signed programming agreements with nearly all major networks with the exception of CBS and Showtime; negotiations with those companies remain ongoing. DirecTV Now allows customers to watch up to two streams simultaneously. HBO and Cinemax can be added to any of these packages for just $5 extra (each) per month. DirecTV Now is "zero rated" for the company's wireless customers, so regardless of how much time they spend streaming, that activity will have no impact on data usage for their monthly bill. Importantly, while these are the subscription rates as of today, the company is being straightforward about the possibility of increases in the future. ATT also plans to air original shows including a Taylor Swift series.

Comment Re:not nearly good enough. (Score 1) 39

Wifi equipment has started down a road of anonymization. Linux users have been tinkering with macchanger for a while (though not effectively enough to stop the native MAC address from popping up now and then). Apple made the first big splash when they made MAC randomization standard for scanning mode; Android copied that. Microsoft followed suit with a MAC randomization in more modes. Then the Linux folks finally did it right by building MAC randomization features into Network Manager. The idea, of course, is to keep the original MAC address suppressed.

Stay tuned for more.

Comment Whonix on Qubes OS (Score 3, Informative) 177

TAILS tries to provide anonymity within the context of kernel-based security, but browser and privilege exploits are quite plentiful and such malware can go on to reprogram your firmware and peripherals. Qubes provides better protection of the core system, and Whonix ensures that Tor is utilized in a way that's optimum for anonymity.


Microsoft Could Bring Windows Hello To Android, iPhone ( 40

Microsoft may have plans to bring Windows Hello, one of the headline features of Microsoft's current operating system, to Android and iOS. Windows Hello is a feature that lets people unlock their PC with fingerprint, face, or iris. Paul Thurrott reports: With Windows 10 version 1607, Microsoft has expanded the Windows Hello authentication technologies to include support for companion devices. That we knew. But those companion devices, surprisingly, will include both Android and iPhone handsets. The question is whether those solutions will ever be made available to consumers.[...] On a Ignite 2016 session called Expand Windows Hello Family to companion devices and browser, Microsoft outlined some ideas around this. "When you think about a user and the kind of devices they carry with them," Microsoft senior program manager lead Anoosh Saboori said during the session, "they normally have the phone in their pocket, they [might] have some kind of wearable on their arm, some of them might have the security fobs given to them by their company, and many of us carry a badge with us that is used to gain access to different physical locations. We wanted to leverage these devices as a way to knowing the user."

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