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Comment Re: Al-la-carte increased complexity of patches (Score 2) 400

So a friend visits with their device. The device logs onto your wifi (after you gave them the password) and then are surprised to see the device locating itself so that emails and iMessage works

Can you explain why an apple device is different from a Google device doing the same thing with hangouts and gmail?

Comment Re: Stealth (Score 2) 117

To be fair Russia and China both have been bogged down in small conflicts as well.

The problem is political not military. The us military could have won in Vietnam if allowed to fire bomb civilian targets.

Trying to limit warfare to only military targets and win is like trying to arrest drug dealers. You can never get them all

Comment Re:Umm no.... (Score 1) 345

Except you are not paying attention to physics. The more we smash atoms together to understand physics the more thins like FTL , artificial gravity

My prediction is we won't be visiting even Mars before 2060
We have 2 decades worth of science to do before we can send people there and no one is even trying to do those. Well each experiment takes several years to run and we need several iterations of them.

Primarily. We need to study rotational sections in space craft and how it affects the flight. Then we need to study plant and bone growth in those rotating sections.

Everyone assumes because Mars has gravity it is just like earth's. But Mars has 1/3 the gravity so while you get a sense of down you are still going to get bone loss.

Comment Re: And so continues.. (Score 5, Insightful) 426

Once a year I go car shopping whether I am looking to buy or not. Yet for months afterwards I am inundated with car ads. I had to lookup an old stereo cable for work yet now I get all sorts of ads for cables and electronics.

I have never once purposely clicked on a web ad and I never will. Even if the ad ha something I want I refuse to click on the ad and go directly to the manufacturers website. When search google I never click on the ad sponsored links and instead go right to the company's site.

All advertisers are scumbags that make used carsalesmen look nice. I avoid both like the plague.

Comment Re:Typical Google (Score 1) 129

while true, Apple would also spend the time an have 80% of all IOS devices updated in 3 months, were by this time next year less than 100 million andriod devices will have the update.

Andriod has a severe update problem that isn't going away. google was smart enough to bake a decent amount of security in to start with, but I still keep expecting a massive worm attack.

Comment Re:Of course not (Score 2) 643

We already have a rapidly aging population. in fact if it isn't for illegal immigration things would be a lot worse. Imigrants are what is keeping the average age of having kids under 30. By 2020 20% of our population will be retired 35% by 2030. Pensions, Social security medicaid, etc were all designed with less than 10% of the population retired.

50 years ago your retirement was 5-10 years long before you died, now it is closer to 20 and rapidly stretching to 25.

Now on the flip side people are waiting longer to buy the first home, and have kids, which means they will have less money for retirement when they get there. We have a massive bubble created by the 50-65 year old crowd that will screw up the economy for generations.

Comment It is simple (Score 5, Insightful) 643

it isn't because they don't have money, sex is cheap, it is convincing the girl to have sex that can get expensive.

It is because they have more things to do, the freedom to do them, and options.

50 years ago the average age a couple married and started popping out kids was 20.
30 Years ago the average age a couple married and started popping out kids was 22.
The last time I looked it was 28 and rising quickly.

18 may start your adult life, but you need 4 years of college to earn more than $50k a year for the rest of your life.(yes some exceptions are available but not that many)
Then you get to 22 and you need to start working.

50 years ago women were not even allowed to buy a car or home without a male cosigner. (Equal credit act wasn't passed until 1974)

We gave women freedom, they no longer need to be bound fiscally, physically,or socially to a man to survive. This is the natural result. Why people can't understand it or find it shocking proves just how stupid they are.

Comment Re:Possibly it is pay for risk (Score 1) 176

There is a reason though it works. It is because humans are selfish and greedy. It is easier to find greedy smart people who will sell there own mother's than truly altruistic good people.

Why did America rise do far? Because we let i dependant, selfish, and greedy people free and mostly separate government from them. Since you don't need to rule the land to be the most wealthy, greedy people can just be greedy.

Kings use to be the wealthiest person in the land. if anyone else came close there was a war. America broke that you could be richer than the leaders.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 5, Insightful) 384

Do you really believe trump won't be worth 20-50 billion by the time he leaves office? Trump will use his position to enrich himself. Tump has to win If he doesn't he has destroyed his most valuable asset. His brand. 70% of Trump's assets, are overseas in Muslim and Chinese countries, where rich people want to live like rich Americans. Trump uses loop holes to allow rich Chinese to immigrants to get instant green cards.

Yet you think Hillary will be worse than someone who always screws over those who does work for him.

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